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Ancient Gamer:
Quick Notes to get the campaign going:
- Ruins of Paris, France

- Mid level technology access at start. Some firearms.


- Tribal conditions throughout the ruined City, with clans ruling from different suburban highrises and former urban district office buildings. Some of the Greater Clans are listed below:

-- The Kathayne
Cannibalistic Tribe armed with crossbows, rifles, pistols and some submachineguns. They spread terror with their skull head paint and screeching sounds when they attack. Their leaders carve out the hearts of fallen foes and eats it while still warm, often while still engaged with the enemy. They strike deadly fear into the lesser clans.

-- Technology Reavers
These are a Plague on the ruined city and the outskirts. Demented lunatics who pillage and loot, ever searching for technological remnants of the past. Their headquarter is in an old banking facility, where they have amassed an impressive array of gadgets, weapons, and impressive toys.

-- The Vaahm Baahn Alliance
Fourteen of the minor clans have formed the Vaahm Baahn Alliance. The formost reason for their power is sheer numbers. The allied clans number in the thousands, and an attack by these will likely involve hundreds, even thousands, of warriors armed with bows, spears, and the occasional firearms.

-- The Citadel
A singular spire at the center of town, a steel wireframe tower, holds the clan called "The Citadel". They number very few, perhaps only tens of people, and are rarely seen. Yet no one approach The Citadel, for their sentries are unfallable, and anyone closing in are incinerated, evaporated, by bolts of fire and red light, raining from the upper part of the spire. At times a shuttle spacecraft hovers above the citadel for some hours, and then with a thunderous sound it bolts to the sky, jetting straight into outer space.


Adventure Starter Hook:
Mother "Ambuya" sick with the wasting disease. They should get a cure or something

Plot Hooks:
- The Hydra Tavern Keep wants someone to get him some fresh deer meat. He says that they can hunt in the (Vaahm Baahn controlled) suburbs.
- The patrons of the Hydra Tavern tells them that the Technology Reavers have an automated surgical device somewhere within their Fortified Bank.
- Their Mother whispers that the Kathayne have their infamous Dark Pharmacy, where all manners of cures, stereoids, pheromones and mutating potions reside.
- The Hydra Tavern sports melee fights and anyone can enter and fight each other, or the reigning champion "Paul the Spearmaster"

Ancient Gamer:
Random Encounters

The Deranged "Barbie" Twins:
During their travels, the group will be shot at while walking past the burnt out remains of two old petroleum trucks. The mysterious assailants will ride off on dark horses. If the PCs are unable to stop them, they will return, and return, and return, until all the PCs are dead.
The Blonde, Female Twins are totally deranged, only talking to each other, and survive through robbery and eating their victims.

The Abandoned Workshop:
The Players will come across a mechanical workshop in mint condition. It seems someone has picked the place clean, and no one is there. No matter how long they wait, no one will show up at the workshop (unless some wandering clansmen happen by (during looong waits)).
If the PCs check for tracks and traces, they will see that some of the bushes hide a hatch. Going down the hatch, they will find three dead men, with gut and chest wounds. It seems they have been in a fight, and retreated down here for cover.
Equipment: 2 x Colt 38 Revolver. 42 x .38 caliber bullets.

Ancient Gamer:
Random Encounters 2

The Lone Beast Mutant
Late one night, they will hear a rustling sound nearby. If they shout out, they will hear a menacing growl, followed by quick, heavy steps in nearby buildings. It seems something large is moving around at tremendous speed, jumping above their heads, from building to building, staying out of reach.
After a while, a large, hulking shape will come into view, moving on all four, like a gorilla. Out of its left shoulder, a large iron pipe can be seen, the entry wound long since healed around the pipe. This beast is extremely tough to kill, especially with starter equipment, and the GM might have to make it retreat after roughing the PCs up (only to reappear at a later time).

The Glass Clockwork & The Piper
During their travels, they find a large, cubical chunk of transparent glass clockwork. As they approach it, a haunting flute sound can be heard. With soft steps, a piper comes into view atop the clockwork cube, a flute on his lips. After he is finished fluting, he states "I am the Fluter, Servant of Clockwork. All Visitors must bow before the Ticking God, and leave an offering of sufficient worth". He will then jump down somewhere within the clockwork, not to be seen again.
PCs examining his disappearence act will find a hidden gateway that seems to have no opening mechanism. The Glass of the Clockwork needs dynamite to break. (The opening mechanism is actually an RFID system, and can be hacked by someone with hacker skills and a computer with a wireless network card.

Ancient Gamer:
Quick recap of the roleplaying adventures of my group, in preparation of the next session:

Despairing that their mother, Ambuya, was dying of the wasting disease, the siblings gathered and discussed what to do.
Because she was sick, their mother had to sell their old trading post, and now lived with the siblings in a dirty, rented room on the second floor of the Hydra Tavern.

After one of the siblings defeated Paul the Spearmaster in the Pits, earning the group a nice amount of bullets (the currency in the ruined city), the group hacker tried to scan the local network using the Hydra Tavern computer.

He soon found a small network, and managed to hack into "BRIANSNETWORK", and from there he found a comm satellite. He was, however, critically unsuccessful in hacking into that satellite, and the satellite Firewall AI counter-hacked him, overloading the old computer which fizzed and sparked, and went very dead.

Frustrated the siblings donned their adventuring gear, and went into the streets, towards Brian's Mill, which they suspected hosted "BRIANSNETWORK".

As they approached the tube-shaped building, they stumbled into an ambush. Taking a bullet in the right leg, one of the siblings went down in agony while the rest were able to defeat their ambushers.

In the mill no-one answered, so the hacker used a PDA he found on one of the ambushers to access the wifi, and from there the door control system.
Opening and closing the doors was no big deal, but once inside they had to hide from an automated turret robot that was patrolling the ground floor of the building. The hacker was unsuccessful in hacking the robot, so they lured it outside and it began systematically gunning down the crows that were circling in the sky.
After a while the gunfire drew the attention of more tribals, and the robot chased after them.

The PCs came out of hiding and ran into the building, closing the door shut, trapping the defensebot outside.

Inside they discovered Brian was dead, killed by his own defensebot.

While pillaging the building, the hacker once again renewed his network search for cures for the wasting disease. He found it was an alias for cancer, and that the Technology Reavers had an automated surgery device in their stronghold.

At that instance the lookout on the roof warned them of incoming trucks, and an EMP blast knocked out the building electronics, including the hacker's PDA.

Taking along what they could, the siblings sneaked out via the roof while the newcomers loaded the trucks with the defensebot and the supplies from the building.

Hiding behind some crates, the siblings rode along, wherever the trucks took them.

As it was, they ended up at a Technology Reaver facility (the Bank), and they sneaked out of the parking basement, into some lockers where they grappled with a guy in the midst of a shower, and broke his neck. They stuffed his corpse into a locker, and picked the locks of every locker in there, getting some submachineguns and a nice powered-exoskeleton in doing so.

Slipping back into the parking facility, and through a mechanical workshop, they found an elevator and the hacker determined that they needed to go two floors up, as it contained rooms marked "Research and Medical".

Exiting the elevator they found a containment facility, with huge glass windows on both sides of the room, and a door on the far side. To their left was an alien life-form, lizard like with slit eyes and grey-black scaled skin, crawling on all four on the walls. As they hurried past, it slithered with blinding speed, crawling on the glass, it's voice whispering in their heads. "Release me - release me - release me". (Based on Experiment 13, actually. EchoMirage's character in my forum game here on the Citadel).

They mostly resisted his mind control, though one of the sisters had to be carried screaming and kicking out.

In the room next door they found an automated surgery bot, and three doctors, which they executed.

The intruder alarm went off, and they had to fight their way back in a graphic and exhilarating combat sequence.
The glass window broke, and the full force of the alien mental power surged in over them just as the elevator luckily enough went down.

They escaped with a combat rigged grocery truck, the automated surgery bot, some weapons and the powered-exoskeleton.

The session ended back at the Tavern, with mother Ambuya back on her feet, making pancakes and singing songs.

Ancient Gamer:
Dungeon / Location Ideas:
- The Museum of Crimson Tribute
A Kathayne controlled former museum, where the Kathayne has put up altars, using old african clay and wooden idols. The corridors are dark, all electricity long gone, and the walls are smeared with blood and worse. There is a cybernetic undead here (corpse still kept alive by technological implants), but the AI controlling it cerebral processes has gone insane from the torture the Kathayne has put it through. The implants are immense, both legs, torso and right arms, plus head, are covered in plating. The PCs can see the skeletal remains in between the aluminum and partially rusted steel. The Kathayne keeps it chained in the central exhit room, where it runs around a Mesopotamian pillar with a bull atop.

Please note that the Kathayne worship this place, and consider the cybernetic skeleton a demon from the past, which they have forced into servitude. The Kathayne will keep their distance at first, measuring the worth of the PCs, but will slowly start to attack, throwing axes and knives from around a corner before running into the dark.

When the PCs face the cybernetic skeleton, five Kathayne priests, all naked and smeared in blood, will appear with spears and fling themselves madly into the fray. Their spear skill is great (but perhaps not so good against submachineguns? The Kathayne should provide ample distraction though, as the cybernetic skeleton tears into the PCs.)

- The Crow Square
The PCs arrive at some sort of public square, the ruins of a once great fountain in the center of the scene. A fragmented statue of an ancient general on horseback lies in the middle of the fountain, but what really catches the PCs eyes are the crows.
Hundreds, if not thousand crows, are sitting on the buildings, the fountain edges and on various trees that have reclaimed the square, and in the middle of it all is an albino crow with red eyes.
If the PCs let it be, or simply pass, the crows will merely stare as they travel by, but anything can happen if the PCs approach, or threaten it.

The Crow is controlled by an alien Crt'halyon worm, a parasite much like a centipede that enters its victims bodies and consume their identities, attaching itself to the host's brain.
The White Crow alien has the following extraordinary capabilities:
- Telekinesis
- Telepathy
- Crow Empathy (controls the other crows)


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