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Ancient Gamer:
Let's revive the petition to get him back!!!

Yeah, sorry all - this month has brought up a hell of a lot of RL issues. I'm gonna have to step out of all RP's for a while. I'll still be around on Strolen's, but probably taking a much more background role for a while. Hopefully January will calm things down for me!

Bah! Who needed that brute orc with daddy issues anyway? We may have lost a member of our group, but fear not: This pyramid is not a challenge to one so skilled in magic as I.


On a side note, my pitiful... Associate, caesar193, wished to offer condolences and regrets at seeing you leave, Somnak/SE. Of course, I see this as weakness in him, further demonstrating my superiority over him.

Ancient Gamer:
Any news for us, Murometz?

Yes, going to try to write up the "Final Room" this weekend!!


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