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Blah blah, 1st/2nd edition AD&D, we'll see how long the characters last until they kick the can.

GM: Murometz
    Lumori, thief (Chaosmark)
    Thorgir, barbarian (valadaar)
    Somnak, half-orc bard (Shadoweagle)
    Rasmus the Willow, cleric (MysticMoon)
    Melior, elven magic-user (caesar193)
    Brin, cleric (Siren no Orakio)
    Meleana, elven druid (Gossamer)
    Ardhalas (Ancient Gamer)
    Kismet (EchoMirage)

Name: Somnak
Race: Half-Orc
Classes: Fighter (1) Spirit Caller (4)

STR: 18 (70)
DEX: 17
CON: 11
WIS: 9
INT: 13
CHA: 15
PER: 11
COM: 8

39 Arrows,
1-h Axe,
Qullan-bone Club

Leather Armor, Studded

Iron Spikes (5) (obligatory)
1/2 bag flour in a wax wrap (Take THAT, Sea-water!)
5 days rations in wax wrap ( See above!)
Wax wrap paper.
Rope, 50ft,
11 ft pole, retractable
Ball of thread/string

Goat-Skin Drum with long sash.
Potion of Healing 6-10hp. 2 charges.
Magic Ring of Protection (+2 AC)

Drum Skins

Goat Skin
Boon: +1 to all ally rolls
Curse: -1 to all enemy rolls

Qullan Skin
Boon: +1 to all ally rolls
Curse: Confusion effect to all foes (save negates each round)

Cyclops Skin
Boon: +1 to strength for allies
Curse: -1 to strength for foes

Susurrus flute
Boon: Immunity to sleep effects
Curse: Keeps slumbering foes asleep indefinitely, unless sleeping foes are attacked, or a critical fail is made.

AC: 4

Spell-Like Abilities:

Spirit Channeling
The Spirit Caller is able to channel the essence of creatures through a medium that is from that creature. The effect is detailed in this sub: however the instrument may be different. At level 5, the numeric effects go up by one step (+1 becomes +2, and 1d4 becomed 1d6, etc.) At level 10, 15 and 20, the numeric effects rise again.

 - Different mediums create different effects.
 - Allies and foes who are deaf lose all penalties or bonuses given by the drum.

Lingering Call
The Spirit Caller's music lingers within the minds of those around; allowing the effects to continue after playing has ceased.
The lingering effect is equal to the amount of rounds played +1d4. The Maximum amount of rounds the bonuses linger is your level + Con Modifier.

Sonic Screech
The Spirit Caller is able to focus the spirit energy into a high pitched screech without breaking the rhythm of his music. Foes must make a saving throw or be disoriented, losing their next action. The Spirit Caller must have been using Spirit Channeling for at least one round before using this ability. Using this ability does not interrupt Spirit Channeling. Can only be used once per combat.

Spirit guardian
The Spirit Caller begins to show mastery over the spirits that reside within. He may summon a spectral form of the creature that his instrument is constructed of to defend him. The creature is largely incorporeal and as such is less powerful than its living counterpart (1/2 hd) but retains the abilities it held in life.

Maintaining this spectre requires a share of life force, drained directly from the Spirit Caller. For every round that the Spectre is active, the Spirit Caller takes damage equal to the 1dX, where X is the HD the creature had in life (this is to balance the difference in power of weaker and stronger summons. E.g. The Cyclops had 8 hd, so the damage will be 1d8 per round.

Feedback: If the Spectre is slain instead of dismissed by the Spirit caller, the caster is barraged by the Life Force feedback, dealing 1dX damage to the Spirit Caller.

Tall, with Bulging yet wiry muscles, a permanently aggressive expression and fangs denoting his half-orc heritage, Somnak is an intimidating person. A tribal drum of goatskin hangs next to his left hip from a long shoulder sash; something which he keeps with him at all times. Somnak fervently believes he is possessed with a demonic entity known as the 'Demon's Dance', wherein inner spirits channel his rage and fury through the drum, terrifying foes and invigorating allies, bringing a fire to their hearts! Somnak is quick to emotion - especially anger, and is often short-sighted, but he is not truly an evil man; despite appearances. He is simply a man who has lost his home and is trying to find some direction.

Please post your characters when you can, so I have a reference for your ability scores, hit points, armor class, and such.

1 spot still open for a 5th and final victim PC!!

Name:     Thorgir                      Height:  6'2
Level:      5                              Weight: 240lbs
Class:      Barbarian                 Age: 23
Race:       Human                     Sex:  Male

S   18/56      +2/3
I   10
W   8
Dex   17           -6 to AC
Co   16           +4 to HP
Ch   11
Per   16
Com   11 

HP   64
AC   3 , Shield (1), Dex (6)


Leather Armor
Small Shield
Leather Pack

Quallan Sword (+2/+2)  (THACO 12)


Short Bow (thaco 14)
20 arrows
Spear  (thac0 16)
Battle Axe (thaco 16)
Dagger (thaco 16
Hand axe(x2)

Fire Drill (wooden firestarting kit)
50' rope
Snare line

Helm of read detested magic and comprehend languages - a tall order.


Climb cliffs and trees - 85%
Hide in natural surrondings - 37%
Surprise - 3 in 6, 4 in 5 familiar. Only suprised 10%/5% in familiar.
Back Protection 15%
Leaping and Springing
Detect illusion - 25%
Detect Magic - 45%
Leadership Cha = 14 with barbarians

First Aid - restores 1 hp.
Outdoor craft
Tracking per 5th level ranger outdoors only.

A sturdy, wild haired and bearded redhead, this wildman once carried arms to outfit a small army.  His mood is mercurial, at times easy and friendly, at other times as highly strung as Somnak's drum. He holds the half-orc in strange reverence, believing the half orc to indeed have ties to the spirit world.  Disagreements with his tribe have cast him into the world until things cool down, the old coot can't live _that_ much longer.

He tends to follow local superstitions as reverently as if they had been his own from a child, with a ferverance that may even seem mocking.

Lumori Tetraclys

Level 5 Thief

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 8
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 11
Charisma: 13
Perception: 12
Comeliness: 11

HP: 14/14
AC: 1 (leather, studded 7, and 18 dex -4, -2 for ring of protection)
$$: 90 gp (start), 16 gp (left)

Ring of Protection +2 (+2 to AC, and +2 to saving throws)
Studded Leather armor (15 gp)
Dagger x2 (4 gp)
Shortbow (15 gp)
Arrow x24 (2 gp)

Leather Backpack (2 gp)
Large Belt Pouch (2 gp)
Small Belt Pouch (15 sp)
Thieves' Tools (30 gp)
Grappling Hook (2 gp)
Clawed Climbing Gloves (4 gp)

Tinder Box, Flint & Steel (1 gp)
Large Iron Spike x7 (7 cp)
Rope, 50' (4 sp)
Pole, 10' (3 cp)
Flask of Oil x3 (3 gp)
Rations, standard, 1 week (3 gp)

Lumori blends into a crowd easily. This is entirely intentional, because standing out is a liability on the streets. He has dark brown hair, cut decently short to deny opponents a grip-point. Glacier blue eyes look upon the world with the arrogance of youth backed by some measure of skill. His skin is lightly tanned, which also helped him blend into the crowds of the midland cities. Though the wreck and fighting with Mermen left his clothes slightly torn and waterlogged, they are also common colors in the midlands: a dark greenish shirt and brown pants, with dark brown shoes to match.


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