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--- Quote from: Renlim on October 02, 2013, 12:43:57 PM ---This sounds up my alley. I'll PM you shortly, lets see what we can get on paper for you. I can even send you an example of one of my recent works. With all I'm working on for the guild; getting back to my cartography skills is an awesome opportunity.

--- End quote ---

Ooh, post em here too! I want to see.   :D

As a new pledge, I'm so happy this endeavor has blossomed to encompass more than my writing abilities. As such I shall post a previous work here as well and the final product so long as my employer sees no harm. (Note: I'm working on better "transcription techniques.")


Watermarking would probably help assuage any fears they might have with posting previous work.

One thing to consider that should this get popular, the website might become a concern.  You may wish to use a more distinct guild name.

You know I thought about that too. I've been there before, lots of good stuff. Hope that doesn't become a problem either.


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