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No word from Mythirion yet, I shall await his reply with great anticipation. (and a huge stack of questions about his region.)

How did you make that map, did you do it from scratch or did you use a program? Have you made any different ones?

I have tried to use map makers of all kinds, simple fractal generators to the famed Campaign Cartographer, but they seem to limit my vision especially for towns. The city I posted was my long awaited return to good ole paper and pencil. Though I'm particularly disappointed in my ability to make a decent scan of my artwork; e.g. lines to thin/ detail to small to get picked up on the scanner I have currently.  I surprised myself how much better it looked than in the past, despite that however.  I have a few more cities (many of which I am redrawing) and 4-5 dungeons that I'm particularly proud of and more scraps than you can shake a stick at.


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