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Hey, might I possibly request a Continent Map for a project of mine? I'm thinking up an RPG System/Setting wherein instead of organic life, you have robots. Animals are robots, plants are nanomachine colonies, and the players play as special, sentient robots. I've got some details, but I want to keep this post short and simple, so if anyone might be willing to make such a map, please send me a PM. Thanks in advance...

A map, you say? Though I would love to try my hand in the realm of mapping out such a place, I am far too busy as it is. Though I do believe I may be able to help, as this is posted in my guild hall.

--- Quote ---Here ye, o pledges of the cartographer guild! Any who put pen to paper and produce a map according to the specification of the one who goes by the name Mythirion shall receive the following reward: the ability to choose to forgo any requirement of any pledge at any time. This applies to any one sub, and can be saved for future use. Also, one can use this to shrink the length of any two subs to doing a 100 word challenge, oekaki, pr other short writing challenge, so something not generally allowed.
--- End quote ---

If no one takes up this offer within a week, Mythirion, I'll see if I can draw you up a map. But if someone does, then, good luck to him/her and to you.

Okey-doke then, thanks for responding.

I think that it is really cool the Cartographer's Guild gets asked a request for a map!!!! Another great use for guilds!!!

We are here to serve.

Need an impromptu dwarven tomb maze for your game? Ask the Dwarven Guild!

Need an archfiend-worshiping, demon-summoning villain? Occult Guild.. Inquire within!

Need a quick religion? The Divine Synod can help!

And so on.

Perhaps our guilds can also serve the role-player and gm as a go-to for all campaign needs!!


(caesar193, you better make that map! :P Don't shame the Guilds!!)

This sounds up my alley. I'll PM you shortly, lets see what we can get on paper for you. I can even send you an example of one of my recent works. With all I'm working on for the guild; getting back to my cartography skills is an awesome opportunity.


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