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Tales of Misadventure [Isle of Woe]

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After a seeming eternity, Lumori, Thorgir, and Somnak at last reached the beach, and crawled forth from the surf, water-logged and exhausted.
Though it was windy along the shore, the air was still somehow hot and stifling.

The pebbly beach was littered with smashed ship wood and graying, dried-out sea grasses.  A hundred feet from the water, a seemingly impenetrable jungle reared, casting shadows along the shore. Even the sun’s rays had trouble piercing the wall of foliage ahead.

Crabs skittered about the beach, but more urgently, a lone figure was standing there, eye-ing their approach, robes flailing in the wind, a ram-headed mace in hand. The man had the look of irritating righteousness on his chiseled face, his ample chin thrust forward in determination.

Rasmus approached the three warily, mace lowered but at hand, glad he had his mail on beneath his priestly robes. Two of them were obviously savages. Had Khaum brought them to him to be saved? Or because they were wicked souls in need of head bashing?

"Hold! You are either very lucky or very unfortunate. Khaum has brought me into your path, either to stop you from joining the Watching Egg or to give you assistance. What is your purpose here?"

"To not @!#$ing.. drown?" said Thorgir  pausing as he realized he was dealing with a holyman of some sort.

"Our ship attacked by Fu.. fish men. Sunk it they did.  Who's Khaum?"

Half watching the ram-priest, Thorgir began to examine his weapons, seeing what damage the sea had wrought.

Somnak slogged onto the beach, taking care to properly secure his drum and backpack before pulling his shortbow from his back and running a finger along the string - it appeared fine: thank the gods he waxed it well! The half-orc raised his hands in the air and whooped and hollered at their fortune - he was in such a good mood he even forgot to give Lumori a sound beating for his earlier comment!
"By Rothnak let's find some wood and light a fire! I've forgotten the feel of 'dry' and Thorgir; you look like a goat I once drowned! Lumori? I'm sure we can find a nice branch to hang you on to dry!"

Suddenly a voice was heard and without hesitation Somnak had his bow at the ready, an arrow drawn back and pointed at the newcomer. In spite of his friendly words, the weapon remained trained directly at him. "Khaum?" Somnak glanced questioningly to his two companions, "What is this Khaum?"
Thorgir had asked the same question, and to him, Somnak just shrugged.

The half-orc had no intention of answering the cleric's question, but a small growl of pleasure escaped his lips, "You know, I -am- hungry after that trip; it's not often that dinner walks up to you and introduces itself..."

Somnak had tasted man-flesh before, growing up in his tribe. He wasn't particularly fond of it, but these were special circumstances.

Rasmus looked from one to the other. The half-orc seemed to be spouting some sort of gibberish, though the arrow seemed clear enough. One thing came through clearly: neither had heard of Khaum!

"Am I to understand that neither of you have heard of Khaum, Lord of Light? The great God of the stubbornly righteous? He whose ram's-head I have here, my great basher of the skulls of the unrighteous?

"It must be Khaum's will that you appear to me at this time! Come, put down your bow, and I shall share provisions with you and tell you of the great goodness that is Khaum. And then you can join me on my holy crusade to root out the wicked cult that has been seen in this area."


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