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Ancient Gamer:
Realizing Thorgir wasn't going to help, Ardhalas fetched the staff himself.

Despite Thorgir's reluctance at touching artefacts of perverse, sorcery-ridden evil, Ardhalas manages to identify the vials and "staff". (ooc: the staff is a laser pistol that functions thusly. 1/att/round, 1-10 dam, unless, a 10 is rolled, in which case another 1d10 is rolled, and so on, for potentially unlimited damage :P The vials are all labeled and seem to be, in effect, potions of "Heroism", "Alertness" (as per mu spell), "Giant Strength"--frost giant--, "Extra-Healing" (3-24 healed), and "Speed")

Hearing the words; holy staff, Meleana became interested. Perhaps this staff was once wielded by the Hierophant, at any rate she wanted it. She picked it up and waited to see if anyone would challenge her over it. It looked really strange, more metal than anything a druid would normally wield, it didn't even feel magical strangely enough, but the powerful red beam that shot out with the press of a button more than made up for any discomfort she may feel from wielding something so unnatural.

Siren no Orakio:
There were, despite the interesting room, things to be taken care of. Gathering Lumori and Thorgir to herself, the priestess dipped into her phial of moss-essence, carefully daubing the wounds with a thinned bit of the numbing fluid. As always, the dose would make the toxin, and here, it would be closer to medicine. Binding the wounds, she then spoke the prayers of dark healing, letting the flames from her burning well of rage course their way into the men's flesh, searing away injury...

(17:55:28) Minion: Siren_no_Orakio rolls 1d20 and gets 7.
(17:55:33) Minion: Siren_no_Orakio rolls 1d20 and gets 12.
(17:57:08) Minion: Siren_no_Orakio rolls 1d3 and gets 3.
(17:57:12) Minion: Siren_no_Orakio rolls 1d3 and gets 2.

Healing Prof: 3 HP to Lumori, 2 to Thorgir.
(17:54:07) Minion: Siren_no_Orakio rolls 1d8 and gets 5. (Lumori)
(17:54:10) Minion: Siren_no_Orakio rolls 1d8 and gets 2. (Thorgir)

And then, looking more fully about the room, she began to frown. This sorcery they were using was... strange to her eyes. It seemed to run on something else entirely, and she was concerned about its existence.

She had not kicked the gorbels far enough - truth be said, she had always been better at bofferball than at kickball. Bofferball consisted of boffing people with the boff, then kicking or picking up the ball while they were reeling. The boff was a huge padded leather hammer on a long handle, to be clear.
As a consequence of this, the gorbel exploded in her face.

Stoically, she again asked Mother to refresh her, and could feel her wounded flesh melting to goo, to reshape itself in its pristine state again.
7 HP restored; I am full.

Then, she fell in with the others again, eying the careless wizard though. She knew his kind, singing the footmen with his careless sorcery, heedless in the application of his magic, believing himself above other men. Truth was, they were usually elevated above other men indeed, by the virtue of the noose.
She smiled, and made a few experimental swings with the new-found blade. It sang a song calming to her ears.


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