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[Asydia] The Karikun Desert, map and info dump.


(Map to come)

This thread will contain information relevant to The Karikun Desert of Asydia.

The Karikun Desert General Information

Terrain Overview
Geography: Low-elevation. Very hot, sandy desert with some mountainous terrain, especially towards the north. Many cave systems through these mountains.

Climate: Very hot. Rain is rare in the desert due to the way the wind tends to blow and the rain-shadow caused by the Esgoloth mountains. When it rains, it's usually a massive storm. Occasionally, a hurricane may strike the desert occasionally from the Jadesea.

Common Animal life: Scorpions, Snakes, Jakthra (A variety of desert cat), Lizards, Vultures, Hyenas.

Societies: Ouzquin Dremorix.


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