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This thread will eventually contain information relevant for The Hyparican Isles.

Hyparica General Information

Terrain Overview
Geography: Four islands, two large and two small. The eastern and southern islands are quite rocky, while the northern one is more lush, which tropical plantlife abundant.

Climate: Warm. rain often rolls in but quickly passes. Occasionally Hyparica sees stormy weather, and it does get struck with the odd Hurricane.

Common Animal life: Monkeys (North Island) Toucans (North Island), Parrots (North Island) Turtles, lizards, Seagulls, Seals, Crabs, Pelicans.

Societies: Hyparicans.


The Hyparicans are a tall, thin people with black or streaky blonde hair and tanned bodies. They tend to possess a wiry strength perfectly suited for maneuvering around their ships. Some Hyparicans can share similar physical traits to Sen-Rabbins however this is due to intermingling of the two societies - they are their own race and did not originate from the Swamps. Another thing adopted from the Sen-Rabbins is their Deific system; although they believe the Khira to be a Charlatan and not a god-on-earth.

Hyparicans wear light, breezy clothes, and the men often go shirtless in their islands or on their boats. Many Hyparicans - men included - paint themselves with a fine black charcoal; lining their eyes to accentuate their blue or green pupils.

Hyparicans have a very aloof personality that occasionally is mistaken for smugness; they simply believe their way of life to be ideal and they consider themselves free. In fact, Freedom is a very large part of their society; there are no slaves in Hyparica and no imprisonment. Crimes are punished through torture and pain, or exile. A Hyparican imprisoned is a man who is slowly dying inside.

The folk of Sen-Rab consider Hyparicans to be a mistrustful lot - Some even believing them all to be thieves and kidnappers. While it is true that sometimes younger Sen-Rab folk stow away on Hyparican boats and take up Hyparican society, driven by dreams of living free on the open seas, they never actually kidnap anyone.
Hyparicans, however, hold no ill-will towards Sen-Rabbins, nor in fact any other race; and they are even known to do trade with not only their Sen-Rab neighbours, but the Ouzquin Dremorix along the shores of the Karikun Desert.


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