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The promised reward was a welcome boon and would allow Sigurd to continue his expedition longer - and the goodwill of the locals if their lost friend Tar-Sul was found.
For some reason, dwellers of the night were especially fond of harassing peasants.
(Sigurd was unaware of the statistical truth that if most people are peasants, a creature picking its prey at random will most often harass peasants).

Smiling, he approached the group - with the Ouzquin Dremorix there, what was one more outlander?
"Well met! I hear a good man is missing, with thieves and beasts to blame? I happen to have both a sword and time on my hands."
Eying the assembled, he added: "I am Sigurd, of the house of Tordensteyn" and nodded to the present dames.

He did not have to add he was of Ralkhara - him being eight inches over six feet and his hair a ruddy copper spoke for itself, as did the white-blue eagle tabard covering his armor to keep it from the sun's rays.

To Demy-Sefrab Auxzali replied "My deepest apologies. My name is Auxzali, and I hail from the city of Bareka in, as you so correctly assumed, the desert."

After the two new arrivals arrived, Auxzali said "I do believe this is, Nim-Ty-Lin. And from the looks of our group, Tar-sul will be found quickly- we need not fear a threat. Why, look at the size of this Ralkharan! Did your god bless you with the gift of the strength of a Sila'Krysath?"

"It might have been him - or it might have been my mother's cooking. I make a habit of thanking both - one can never be mistaken in doing so."
He rubbed his beard - another habit, this gained in Sen-Rab though, to catch any intrepid critter trapped in the thick growth.
"So, where is this Tar-Sul's abode? We would do well to search for marks of his captor and any trail he might have made."

Demy-Sefrab turned his attentions to Nim-ty-Lin as she walked up to the group - Aah, a Sen-Rabbin! That was more like it; even if she WAS a woman. She was an attractive girl - though she looked more a scholar than an adventurer. "This is the place, Nim-ty-Lin. It is good to see one from the swamp take an interest. The lack of support from the Royal Guard has been... disheartening. Auxzali," Demy-Sefrab turned his attention to the Ouzquin Dremorix, "Your aid will be welcome; your ways are not well known to me but I find myself having to take who I can get."

Tamyra let out a low whistle of interest, causing Demy-Sefrab to search for the focus of her attention; a Ralkharan knight had made his way to the group. Now that was a surprise! While the tensions between Sen-Rab and Ralkhara often fluctuated, Demy-Sefrab had no ill-will towards the folk from the eastern lands. Demy-Sefrab offhandedly wondered how steaming the armored man must be behind his gear, "Sigurd of Tordensteyn; I had not expected a Ralkharan to answer the call!" At least this man seemed a true warrior; perhaps the situation would not be so bleak, after all! "The peace-time holds firm, then; though I know of more than one Sen-Rabbin who would prefer it otherwise. Your sword will be welcome."

Tamyra answered Sigurd's query, stepping forth to unashamedly eye the bearded up and down with a smile, "Well, Knight. Once we are sure there are no more coming to aid us, I will lead you to the cave where I followed the tracks to. We will pass Tar-Sul's farm and if you like, we may pause to see if you can spot something I missed." Her tone was neutral but her eyes reflected doubt that the knight's tracking abilities surpassed her own.

Demy-Sefrab nodded, "Yes, it would not hurt to have fresh eyes search the place, Tamyra. We will wait another few minutes to see if anyone else arrives, then Tamyra can lead you out. She will tell you what she has discovered on the way."

Back in town...

Rowa-Hyn was scrubbing the floor of her abode, working up a sweat by clearing the tracked mud that her partner had brought in on his sandals when she heard the thunking of a fist on the door. Sighing, she stood and wiped the sweat from her brow before opening the front door. Her eyes widened at the sight (and smell) of the aged Desert-man standing before her. Furthermore, she gasped at the sight of the child peering out over his back, making faint gurgles and a cheeky smile. "I... er. Ah, What can I...?" She trailed off and raised her hands in a shrug. What could she say?

"Greetings. Am I correct in assuming you are... Rowwahyun? A man from the inn told me about your recent miscarriage, a thousand condolences on this your tragic loss. May I come in?"

She seemed hesitant,  he settled for the one step inside, inadvertently dragging in more mud on her almost clean doorstep. He looked around the small abode and frowned with disgust. Not for the first time he was having second thoughts, but he knew he likely wouldn't find any better place in this god-forsaken swamp.

"By Axtrami's balls, this hovel isn't much to look at, inside or out!" He grinned in what he hoped would seem a disarming fashion with a full set of teeth, it didn't have the effect he was hoping for, so he decided to press on.

"Is your consort nearby? I have a suggestion beneficial for both of you, as well as for myself and this little one, should certain conditions be met. Sometimes after a miscarriage a woman could still be producing milk. Am I fortunate enough that this is being the case with you?" He glanced questioningly at her breasts.


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