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Ancient Gamer:
Auxzali followed Zelas, silently praying that he had made the right choice.

--- Quote from: Gossamer on January 19, 2014, 07:58:47 AM ---Zelas in full stride, veered off to follow Tamyra. Surely she knows the land better than I do, as long as she doesn't betray us all, Zelas thought and sighed to himself.

--- End quote ---

Duxo took up the rear, regularly looking over his shoulder to make sure they weren't being followed.

The trees soon covered them. Tamyra waved for them to crouch, and as they did they saw the Royal Guard run past, unaware at the fact that their quarry was not ahead. After a minute of waiting for any stragglers to go past them, Tamyra waved them up and to follow her. The path led them to the edge of the swamp, where a raft waited for them. Tamyra got on, and took her post at a pole. When the others had gotten on the raft, she pushed them off, and started rowing- for those who could tell based on the sun's position- due east.

There was a pall of silence over them, and then Tamyra broke it, saying, "You five have saved me twice now. The first from the croc, and the second from your taking the blame for the tribute theft, however unintentionally you may have done the latter. For that, I am doubly in your debt.

"The first debt I repay now, for saving you from the Royal Guard. A toll booth was ahead on that road; they would have caught you no matter how fast you were if you had continued down it. The Guard hates to get their feet wet, so escape by boat should be safe enough.

"Though you will no doubt be banished and unable to return to Sen-Rab in lieu of public execution, if you send word to me that you wish to call in my second debt, I will come. This I swear by Moa-Moa, the protector of our swamps."

She paused a moment, and then said, "I have seen your type before, mercenary in both your profession and virtues. Still, if I am right, you five will go on to do great things. I pity those who stand in your way, even if you have come from these humble beginnings."


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