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I have an idea, how bout when we speak in a different language, we PM the one we're speaking to and simply write something like, Zelas spoke to Auxzali in Quinnix, or maybe even spoke in a language noone recognized. That'll add that feeling of alienation, and leave it up to the receiver if they wish to share what was said, but of course the GM gets a copy of what was said, and anyone else who speaks that language will be sent a PM by the GM. Hmm?

It's up to you guys. I'm happy for you to do it the way you currently are if you like, or via pm. Just remember you are all supposed to work together :p it wouldn't do you well to exclude the other members of your party too much - they may decide to leave those two foreign-speaking savages to the wolves if the going gets tough :o

Im against it myself.
Unless we are planning player on player action.

In that case, lets keep it how it is; perhaps using common tongue would be best within the group; rest assured, there will be situations down the track that may require knowledge of some of the languages you know. 

I'm easy with whatever; I can twist anything around to help out your game experience so long as everyone else is happy.

Okay, just an idea. I know it would have required more work, but seeing as the tone of the game were kind of headed there anyways, with hidden rolls and Character Sheets, I just figured this would add to that and encourage more roleplaying, while actively help prevent meta-gaming, but okay. :closed:


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