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Oh, good.
Leaving the Muck is a sensible thing to do.

Pariah advocating that we NOT kill everyone??? What's going on here?!  :shock:  :Thud:  :P
Personnally I feel cutting the throat sounds a bit macabre and extreme, but okay if it'll save lives... And hey, if he dies, more treasure for us!

Also, have we levelled up yet?

I'm gonna make a summary to make things easier for you SE.

Out of game stuff and Information requested

-Leveling up
-Detect Magic (Nim) and a Spellcraft check (Me) on the bear pendant, rolled a 17 +9, wanting to know the specifics of how it works, how often it can be used and if a permanent compulsion can be placed on the panthers to stay away from humans.

In Game Events waiting to be resolved

-Nim is opening the box
-Sigurd is attempting to use the pendant on the remaining panthers.
-Tar-sul's thoughts on how to handle Demy-sefrab and his pack.

Let me know if I missed something.

Duxo searching Korkarr's room for anything interesting/valuable

Sorry all. Real life has thrown me a few curveballs lately and i'm swamped with stuff. I don't forsee me getting back to the forum games for a while, so i'm going to have to pause/stop this game.

If someone else is interested in taking over the game as GM, you are very welcome to!


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