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This thread will contain information relevant to the Sen-Rab region of Asydia.

The locals of Sen-Rab are a race of people who have taken to life in the swampy jungle of their region. They are fair-skinned and tall, with rich, black hair and brown or green eyes. The Sen-Rabbins often wear thick linens dyed in bright reds, greens and gold which is treated with a transparent sap which provides a degree of water resistance. Another common material is the cured, scaled hide of the crocodiles in the region. Sandals are usually worn, to save water filling up boots and to air their feet so they dont get foot-rot.
Both the males and females of Sen-Rab often adorn themselves with loud jewelry and trinkets: bracelets and necklets, earrings and hair attachments.

There are five castes within Sen-Rabbin society, all ruled by their god-on-earth, the Khira, Sef-Thul-Aman. The first and most influential tier is the Royal court which are mostly situated within the palace walls in Gama-Sol. It comprises of politicians, senators, wordsmiths, wormtongues and other such snakes of society which manage to slither their way to the top.

The second tier is the military, the lowest of which are the Town-guards and patrolmen which keep order in the swamp and the highest of which are the royal guard; an elite class of warrior which are given power to cast judgement on people without any form of due process - they are known as a brutal and cruel lot, and they are often feared greatly when they visit outlying villages (which is rare, since they rarely leave the comfort of Gama-Sol.

The third tier are the scholars. This tier includes magicians and druids, mystics of all kinds. They are set a level below the military because (with the exception of the court magicians) their powers are thought to need authority over them to keep them in check. Most spellcasters therefore spend their time in the outer swamp rather than in Gama-Sol, where they are not under scrutiny and harassment of the Royal guard.

The Fourth tier are the peasants. Farmers and tradesmen are considered on the lowest rung of free society. Each month all peasants must pay tribute to the Khira and Gama-Sol, either by sharing a percentage of the gold they earn or by handing over some of their produce or wares. Every town has a 'collector' from Gama-Sol who is required to gather the gold and wares ready to be sent on the caravans which come by each month. They are not often loved by their townsfolk.

The fifth and lowest rung of Gama-Sol society are the slaves. They consist of criminals turned serf, and those born into slavery. Slaves are tattooed with a black ring around their wrist to mark them as such. Once someone is sentenced to slavery, it is usually for life and the life of any children one may have after you're turned slave; unless freedom is granted by your owners.
Slaves are given no liberties beyond basic amenities such as a place to sleep and gruel to eat. They may be whipped and made to do demeaning acts. To kill your own slave is only a minor offense and to slay another one's slave is treated as though you destroyed their property. The Khira owns hundreds of slaves: currently his slave army is constructing a monumental tomb just outside of Mangrove for when he passes to the next life.

Life in Sen-Rab varies from comfortable to harsh, depending on where you stand in society, but there is relatively little dissention as the punishments are cruel, and the Khira's eyes are everywhere.

The Pantheon of Sen-Rab

This is a list of the prominent gods of Hyparica's Sen-Rab's religion. The Khira is believed to be part of this pantheon within Sen-Rab, but not in Hyparica. The gods are usually depicted as animal-headed and human bodied. Some are merely versions of the animal itself. This is by no means a complete list, and I may add to it in the future.

Ilaxas: The Iguana (Prosperity and Wealth)
Ilaxas is god of Plenty. Ilaxis is the one who holds domain over what you own and what you receive. Prosperity and fortune is his domain and when gambling many Sen-Rabbins call on his name to aid the fall of the dice. In tales, Ilaxas is known as a generous and friendly god, handing out gifts and gold to the poor.

Vazzaz: The Mosquito (Excess and consumption)
Vazzaz is the goddess of consumption, wine and excess. She is responsible for Alcohol and luxurious food, but is also considered to be responsible for the poor actions those take under her influence. Stories of her are often about her buzzing into town with food and wines under the pretense of good-will, and after she buzzes out, she leaves the townsfolk to drink to excess and end up destroying their own village in a drunken stupor.

Pollaxis: The Scorpion (Sleep, Dreams and sickness)
A two-edged god, Pollaxis's domain lies in both restful sleep and also in illnesses. To the Sen-Rabbins, sleep and dreams are thought of as 'the place between'. In other words, in sleeping, one stands with one foot in life and one in death. Pollaxis is the custodian of 'the place between'. In stories, Polaxis is spoken of as a mysterious god, and the one who decides on which end of 'the place between' you end up. When your time is done, Pollaxis ushers your soul to Rami-Nox, the Goddess of death.

Rami-Nox: The Anaconda (Lust and Death)
Rami-Nox is a feared goddess. She is the goddess of Lustful deeds and is responsible for the attraction you feel to others, but she is also the goddess who holds domain over the Under-Land. Sen-Rabbins believe that is she who is the one that takes your soul when you pass. When your time is come, she wraps herself around your soul and drags it slowly beneath the swamp in her embrace to wait in the Under-Land for the next life.

Grevia: The Panther (Power and Fury)
Grevia is the Panther-headed god of Strength. He is the avatar of battle and violence and many call on him to aid them in combat. Tales of Grevia usually tell of him appearing at the fore-front of a great war, turning the tides of the battle for Sen-Rabbins.

Moa-Moa: The Crocodile (The Swamp. Lord of the Land)
Lord of the Swamp, with few to challenge is the crocodile. Likewise is Moa-Moa the god of Sen-Rab land. It is he who decides when it is time to flood, when crops should flourish and then they should be drowned out. Moa-Moa's often said to stalk the Nyhaul river, guarding the land against outsiders.

Rup-Tup: The Toucan (Fools, Humor, Laughter)
Rup-Tup is the Toucan-headed god of laughter, humor and all around silliness. Thought of as a foolish god by the others in the pantheon, Rup-Tup is nevertheless well-loved by many Sen-Rabbins. After all, if one cannot laugh, what do they have to look forward to in life? In stories, Rup-Tup is often the comedic relief, getting up to all sorts of mischief and causing all sorts of trouble.

Oorikas: The Frog (Growth, coming of age, experience)
Oorikas is the goddess that is responsible for growth: of body, soul and mind. She is the teacher and the one who guides the youth into adulthood. Stories of Oorikas usually have her appear at a pivotal point in someone's life, offering an insight which leads them into becoming a better person.

Kiris: The Parrot (Freedom and Joy)
The Parrot is the embodiment of freedom - able to spread it's wings and fly away from trouble. Kiris is the goddess that holds dominion over this. To be free is to be happy, and Kiris also represents joy. Slaves and prisoners often call to Kiris to show mercy on them and carry them away.

Feny-sa-Roa: The Ant (Community, Strength in numbers)
Feny-sa-Roa is the ant-headed god of the community. Feny-sa-Roa's influence is present in most of daily life with Sen-Rab in small ways; in the aiding of friends and in working together to accomplish a great task.

Sen-Rab General Information

Terrain Overview
Geography: Low-elevation. Swampy jungle throughout most of Sen-Rab. The swamp dries into woodland far north, and quickly turns to desert over the river into The Karikun Desert.

Climate: Hot, wet and sticky. Sen-Rab often gets a drizzling rain through most of it. Storms usually wear themselves out in Ralkhara before they reach Sen-Rab. Very rarely if the winds are right, Sen-Rab may be struck with a Hurricane from the JadeSea.

Common Animal life: Mosquitos, Jaguars, Panthers, Crocodiles, Anacondas, Poisonous snakes and scorpions, frogs, Toucans, Insect-life.

Societies: Sen-Rabbins.


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