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[Asydia] Ralkhara, Map and info dump.
« on: September 22, 2013, 02:51:38 AM »

Click the image to view a larger picture.

This thread will eventually contain detail more specific to the Ralkharan region, including the societies that dwell within and prominent locations. It will be expanded on as time passes.

Ralkharan Society and Religion

Clerical information:
God: The One-God. (Zevoah (Zee-Vwah))
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Zeal, Honor, Righteous Vengeance.
Domains: Law, Protection, War, Nobility, Glory.
Favored weapon: Longsword

The One-God, more personally known as Zevoah, is the Ralkharan god of Zeal, Honor and Righteous Vengeance. To follow his path is to commit to your tasks with passion, treat one another honorably, and to seek just retribution upon those who have wronged you or yours. Zevoah the One-God is depicted as a suit of Full-Plate mail with a horned Full-Helm, A Body-Length Tower shield held on it's left arm, and a Longsword unsheathed with tip resting on the ground, in the right hand.

To spare the life of a foe who fights honorably in combat is just, but those who use trickery and conniving tactics to gain an advantage are considered unworthy of sparing.

The One-God, as the name suggests, is considered the one true deity in Ralkharan religion. While it is acknowledged and accepted that other powers exist out there (as evidenced by the divine powers granted to clerics of other lands), it is thought that these are in fact spiritual beings, or powerful extraplanar entities rather than true gods. Whether or not this is the truth of the matter, this is what Ralkharans believe.

In Ralkharan society, the commitment and faith shown to the One-God varies quite a lot. Along the fringes of Ralkhara the One-God philosophy isn't as prominent and it is common for townsfolk to do little more than attend monday Mass, mostly out of tradition. However the closer you get to the keeps or Runlock, the more enthusiasm and fervor one will see towards the One-God and his ideals.

The ideals of the One-God translate very well to combat and as such, Ralkhara has a well-established military presence; as many seek to show their commitment by rising through the ranks of Knighthood. The title of Zealot is reserved for the highest tier of warrior within the ranks, and is reserved for of great ability and those who perform tasks for King and Crown. Zealots usually don full plate and tower shields in homage to the image of their god. Most new recruits begin as squires, however and graduate to knights if they show aptitude in combat. Knights can advance to the rank of Templar if they show great tactical skill or combat prowess - it is a title reserved for generals and captains.

Some Knights and Templars of great skill and strong of faith are taken under the tutelage of a Zealot as a form of apprenticeship. Under the study of the Zealot they learn greater combat prowess and the ability to wield the One-God's power as a weapon. Once training is complete, they are given the title of Paladin, and are considered the One-God's hand in the world. To become a Zealot is by invitation only, by another Zealot or the King himself after years of service and proven skill.

Knights, Templars and occasionally Paladins are tasked with patrolling the roads, towns and land of Ralkhara, to uphold the law and deliver justice in an honorable and fair way. While the majority of these people are upstanding members of their ranks, there are of course overzealous individuals who care too much for the letter of the law and harass townsfolk. Likewise, there are indeed thoroughly corrupt members who extort and threaten innocent folk. This happens far more commonly on the fringes of Ralkharan borders where they can get away with these acts, and contributes to these outlying communities lack of passion for their god and country.
Those found to be guilty of actions such as these are punished harshly; usually involving imprisonment or even execution.

(Re-written. Don't you hate how when you re-write something it just doesn't sound as good as when you first wrote it? :( )

The Dukes

There are ten Dukes of Ralkhara. Five of which own and do their business from their respective keeps across the land. The remaining five live within Runlock and assist the King in his duties.

(More info to come)

Locations within Ralkhara

(From Northmost to Southmost.)

Rimmont Keep
The Most Northern Keep and town of Ralkhara, nestled at the base of the mountains and ascent that borders Esgoloth.

A massive lake with a cloudy, grey feature to it's waters. The lake is deep and it's rumored that ancient sea creatures lie within.

Barret Mill
Originally just a sawmill along the edge of the Nyhaul river, but others took up residence around the place due to it's green, pleasant surroundings.

GreyLake Keep
A keep and town which rests along the waters edge of GreyLake. The folk of Greylake are known to be somewhat eccentric. A quality rumored to be given by the waters of GreyLake.

Nestled within the Northen Woodlands is Bargarett, a secluded town with an insular people. They are loggers and hunters, and don't often welcome outsiders.

The Capital of Ralkhara. Runlock Castle is an immense structure of stone with walls and peaks jutting up to the sky. A second circle of stone wall surrounds a large portion of the city, however further buildings have expanded beyond the confines of the walls. A third wall is in production, but it will be some time before it is fully complete.

A town on a fork of the main road to Runlock. The folk here are friendly and there are plenty of taverns and inns to support the large amount of travelers.

Within Wiltwood lies the town of RiversRun. It sits directly along the Nyhaul river and overlooks the Sen-Rab marshlands.

A farming town in the middle of Ralkhara. It is more a village set up for farmers to meet and drink at the end of the day.

Wiltwood Keep
Wiltwood keep is a settlement with a keep on the southern side of WiltWood.

Montera Keep
A Keep with a small populace sitting at the base of Ashmont, the southern-most mountain of the occupied Ralkhara.

Valors Vigil
The Duke of Valors Vigil Keep is tasked with sending troops to patrol the border of the Forest of Wretched Souls. It is a dangerous task and the Templars of Valors Vigil are well respected throughout all of Ralkhara.

Forest of Wretched Souls
Taking up fully one third of Ralkhara's actual border is the Forest of Wretched Souls; a thick and imposing rainforest filled with dangers and most worryingly, undead horrors. It is an unsettling (and unconfirmed) thought that those who are judged to have failed to follow the ways of the One-God at the end of their lives, have their souls sent to wander unendingly through the Forest of Wretched Souls.

(More Info to Come!)

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Re: [Asydia] Ralkhara, Map and info dump.
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Ralkhara General Information

Terrain Overview
Geography: Mid-elevation, rolling plains and fields, with some mountainous terrain. Several woodlands lie throughout Ralkhara. To the south a large rainforest takes up about 1/3rd of the region.

Climate: The north third of Ralkhara is prone to occasional snow, especially through winter, but as you reach the centre the temperature is quite pleasant, getting very warm in summer and only rarely snowing during winter periods. South Ralkhara is warm to hot most of the year and does not see snow. Rain and thunderstorms are not entirely uncommon.

Common Animal life: Wolves, Eagles, Hawks, Hares, Foxes, Occasionally bears, Cows, Chickens,

Societies: Ralkharans.
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