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--- Quote ---(20:26:33) caesar193: How about we create some pressure, then. The sub i have imaginings of is of the country Obstaria, which is in my world of Atheus. Ill roll a d20, and if it is 11-20, i have to complete it within a week, or face ridicule amongst the Citadel. If its 1-10, i can laugh at this arrangement and write it whenever i feel like
(20:27:43) caesar193 rattles the die around in his hand, and blows on it for luck
(20:28:06) caesar193 throws the die, letting them bounce around on the table
(20:28:15) Minion: caesar193 rolls 1d20 and gets 15.

--- End quote ---

The Gods of the chatbox dice number generator have spoken. If, in one week, (saturday, at 9:00 PM , EST), i ave not created a sub describing the country of Obstaria, of Atheus, then I openly accept any ridicules, humiliations, etc, from the denizens of the citadel as they please.

The sub that shall be filled: Obstaria

Your mission is now recognized and you shall be granted praise and accolades for Obstaria should you complete it in time.

Should you fail, you should prepare yourself and gird your spirits for the ribbing and questions of your parent's marital status, your intelligence and your choice in things like beverages and so forth.

I will ridicule, humiliate, and torment you forever if you fail.

Bon chance!  :jester:

Awesome idea!

I do believe its finished. Obstaria is ready for the citadel to partake in its awesomeness. I have finished well before my deadline.  :poet: :thumbup: :respect:

As this worked so well, I might do the same thing for my Occult Brotherhood final submission (don't worry, SE, I haven't forgotten about it yet!), or for the rest of the nations of Atheus.

But before I think of the future and self-inflicting torment and pain on me, I'M FINISHED WITH OBSTARIA!!! FINALLY, THE IDEA IS OUT OF MY HEAD!!! HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!


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