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I've never heard of Hiro Hamada and Baymax, but I'm intrigued.

They are digging into the benchwarmers and minor leagues for characters aren't they?

Pixar can at least tell a good story still. I would be willing to see whatever they come up with. If they can memorize with some blips and bleeps for an hour with Wall-E, they can keep me busy with any third string character they thing has a story to tell, and I will probably love it.

At least they aren't doing something stupid like remaking the awesome foreign film Trollhunter. Oh, wait, somebody is remaking that. Bullocks.

Oh don't get me started on remakes and sequels, Cars 2, Airplanes or what the heck they're gonna call it, and worst of all RoboCop.

It seems every single film these days is either or. Perhaps the worst offender was remaking Spiderman after just 2 years or so. So sick of superhero movies.

It's a bad time to be sick of superhero movies. Batman vs Superman, Thor the Dark World, Capt America Winter Soldier, Avengers 2, more spiderman, and who knows how many more X-men movies


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