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Treasure Managment


The basic problem my DM always has is..... what the hell is that stuff that you are trying to identifie...

How much is that gem worth.... and the like.

When I am the DM, I keep a list of all treasure and give everything a code. At the end of the session, I maintain the list and that way, if my players ever need to identifie something or need to sell some treasure, they can (provided they know the proper code)

(No they can not go to a shop and state: I would like to sell GE17... they still say I would like to sell this nice looking emerald. OOC: it is GE17)

I keep the list in word, and for those that are intrested, the layout is as below.

Yours Ylorea

Code     Description              value      remark

GE01     Emerald (mid size)   140 gp  appraised at 500 gp

Sounds like a GREAT system. I would love to see. Care to try the attachment option in the post and give us a gander?

I usually just get something together before hand and have no real system for monetary awards.

I have resorted to use random treasure most of the time, but for items I like to place, random generated items, gems, art, potions, scrolls, .......
I add them to this list.
Money is rolled and I do give the number of coins right away.

(since I roll the treasure as it comes up, I have the players roll all the dice for me, which they find great fun to do)

The reason I started this, is because I got fed up with the proplem my DM is facing... (In what room did you find this? Ohhh, then I have to look up the treasure in this other book.... and by the time 10 minutes past, we have identified three objects)
I keep the complete list, including special properties and all. (for special weapons I keep a cue-card with the general list, so that when they have the item identified, I can give them the card)

I will try to attach the treasure list that remains of my last campaign, just as a example. (Not that I know how you would read that again latter on....)

Yours, Ylorea

This is a great idea. I hate carrying around extra books just to have their treasures. I plan on using this idea when I game from here on.


thats cool i am looking froward to see that atachment.


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