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Something I should probably let y'all know.

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Especially those I'm currenty RP'ing with.

Wasn't sure where to put this, but the Tavern seemed as good a place as any.

As of the 5th October I won't be frequenting Strolen's for around 3-6 months. I've finally made my mind up about whether or not to go in a new career direction and decided that I may as well do so considering I'm fit enough and have been unemployed for longer than I deem compfortable.

Just giving you all a head's-up. Don't worry, I will be back, eventually.

Best of luck with your employment endeavours, Kassy!

Ditto and good luck!

Congrats on the big decision. Many would be too scared to make the plunge at a new direction so I have much respect for your choice!

Fortune Cookie for you:

The new road traveled offers you untold riches and success.

Thanks guys, it means a lot :)


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