Author Topic: Ashkarnn's Metal Quarterstaff (idea in works)  (Read 3309 times)

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Ashkarnn's Metal Quarterstaff (idea in works)
« on: November 23, 2013, 04:47:40 PM »
 :read: ~    Ashkarnn's Staff, mostly an Alchemical Silver and Cold Iron Alloy, with some Adamantine for strength and Chrome for a decepted shiny appearance, seems too light for a metal staff, just a tad lighter than normal. And more dangerous than expected...
~ Inspired by the entries Flickerwik, Herthstone, Carstone, and Prophet's Wine ~
~    Ashkarnn was a mighty wizard, but there isn't any famous or infamous songs about him, and only some archivists or sages would recognize the name, remark that he was a wizard who was once a rogue. Deep study is required to tell of Him and some details of his gear. This staff was both his most powerful creation and his downfall.
~    Ashkarnn hated evil fiends, which is why the primary metels are silver and cold iron, with adamantine to make this harder to break. The Chrome is an alchemical afterthought, which is ever-shiny but does not impeede nether the silver nor cold iron. the bottom of the staff, which always the end that gets used as a walking staff. This end has a red quartz stone combinining * Herthstone and * Charstone magics, but will automatically click inside when not in use as either. The top of the staff is a hexagram inside a circle of many diminuative runes, and when a hand passes over this, a six-times continual flame of neon purple activates, another pass of the hand deactivates this feature in normal circumstances.

~    Ashkarnn created this staff to hold a Flickerwik on the Top End, a minor wish to never be used as the bottom as a walking-stick. First he used a clear diamond to trap an evil air elemental crackling with lightning and wished it never to be slain or depowered, and then bound this mostly covered in nonconductive redwood.
The amethyst star diamond, created by magic, was the larger gem, placed on top of this wooden tube and successfully bound a Flickerwik, which became the mind of the staff, and the souce of it's greater powers. Like Ashkarnn, this being Hated Evil Fiends, and was the predator which eats them.
~    The color of the Amethyst Diamond is in part amethyst, and in part * Prophet's Wine. The evil air-lightning elemental feeds the Flickerwik, but only so far. The last part of the Staff's creation was totally unintended. Ashkarnn's name was drained of most significance, past and future, the curse as the cost of using Prophet's Wine in the gem of the Flickerwik's prison. It gave the Flickerwik, not the holder of the staff, the benefits of three times the usual potency of the wine's effects, usable to the flicerwik every third hour or saved for some time after, it's choise.
~    When the holder of the staff comes into danger, the staff becomes noticably cooler, just enough. When an Evil Fiend comes within 366ft. of the staff, the continual flame of the staff flares on, and cannot be turned off. The last part is due to the flickerwik's own presence, calling any fiends that trigger the flair to be drawn in to the staff. After Ashkarnn met his demise a decade after this staff was created, cultists broke the original staff into eight pieces. after another decade, the top piece called the bottom piece to itself and inspired a new wizard, Hexrath the Fiendslayer, to put both ends to a quarterstaff's top and bottom ends, and during the night, turned the wood into it's own alloy.
~    Ashkarnn's Staff, as the flickerwik calls itself Ashkarnn as a petty joke, has some enchantments to hit as a minor holy weapon, and can put the Undead to flame (bottom end) and also strikes Fiends (top end) who are attacked as by a flickerwik, trapped, eaten.

~    Befriending the Staff is highly recommended    ~
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Re: Ashkarnn's Metal Quarterstaff (idea in works)
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2013, 04:57:11 PM »
Hello, I Think you're a bit dazed and confused :P, this board is for introductions, this looks like something that belongs in the setting forge board. :)
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Re: Ashkarnn's Metal Quarterstaff (idea in works)
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2013, 05:00:40 PM »
I make friends with the staff....


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