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1. Write 3 more Dwarven Subs, 1 stub allowed to take the place of a sub. (3 more?! Aaghh, brutal, you're probably thinking, but see #3!!)
2. One of the subs must be a Dwarven Masterwork weapon or piece of armor (helms, girdles, shields, breast-plates, etc). Make your bearded ancestors proud!
3. Now the fun part!! Go find all of your pre-existing Dwarven-themed submissions. Attach a "Dwarven Guild" freetext to them. Every 2 subs thus marked, count as 1 for purposes of achieving the next level! So, lets say you find 4 old dwarven subs. You are now down to 1 new sub left to write! If you find more than 4, great, but Note: 1 new Masterwork Dwarven item must still be written to advance to next level.
4. Find any 2 Dwarven subs and add ideas to them. Not comments, but ideas. 1 of the subs is allowed to be one of your own.
5. Vote/comment on any 3 Dwarven subs
6. At least 1 of your dwarven comments or added ideas, MUST be up-voted.
7. Remember, a 3.25 aggregate score on all of your dwarven subs must be maintained, with a Minimum of 2 votes/comments on each.

Upon completion of the Quest you may add "Forgemaster" to your sig, receive 4 more stat points to distribute. At least 1 pt must go to str con and end respectively (we're building dwarves here)



as official dwarven guild subs. Counts as one sub as well as fulfills the masterwork requirement.

Going for the prestigious rank of Forgemaster??

Yeah baby, yeah!!!!!!!!!!  :axeman:


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