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[Asydia] The Ouzquin Dremorix Summary
« on: September 17, 2013, 07:49:56 AM »
The purpose of this thread is to provide a summary/quick-read guide for all Ouzquin Dremorix submissions - a desert society within the up-and-coming Asydia world.

The Ouzquin Dremorix Submission listing

Children of Glass - A summary of the Ouzquin Dremorix Society and the original Ouzquin Dremorix submission. This sub outlines the basics of the Quinnix society. *This sub is up for review!* The Ouzquin Dremorix society have evolved since I first made them, and I no longer agree with everything within this submission.

This sub explains that the Ouzquin Dremorix are a race who worship a god named Axtrami - a deity of storms, the desert and glass. Ever since they were first introduced to glass by witnessing a great bolt of lightning turn some of the desert sand into the material, they had become obsessed with it. They learned to reproduce and enhance the material and are reknowned as great glass-smiths; much of their lives and society is built around it.

Due to their desert lives, their skin is tanned and leathery. They rarely reach heights greater than 6 feet, and they are usually thin and somewhat small-framed. Nevertheless, they are a hardy lot. Their clothing is usually made from leathers or heavy cloth which keep the sands out but still allow for air-flow, and males and females both tend to adorn themselves with glass baubles and trinkets.

The Ouzquin Dremorix always wear a circlet with a glass sphere inset. The sphere is well made and each is uniquely engraved. This sphere represents their life and it is a central part of their culture that they should protect and care for it as they would their own lives. To shatter this sphere is nearly as grave as being stabbed in the heart to an Ouzquin Dremorix - those who shatter their orbs tend to be shunned and looked upon with pity by their peers and family; and sometimes they are even disowned. Shattering someone elses orb is as serious a crime as murder to a Quinnix person.

The Ouzquin Dremorix believe they should live like glass: To be smooth on the surface but firm to touch. To cut and bite back if mishandled, and to treat life as though it could shatter at any moment. Also, like the transparent glass, they believe in speaking no lies - punishment for deceit is quite severe.

The Ouzquin Dremorix have a weapon native to their society; the Ouzala. It is a spear of wood, between 5-8 feet in length and equipped with a glass or metal spear-head at the top. The shaft is gently curved, and along one edge of it a line of glass teeth, 1-2 inches long are inset. These are quite vicious are used in a ripping, sawing motion to cause gaping wounds which are easily infected.
Additionally, the Quinnix folk make use of hollow, glass-tipped arrows which shatter in a wound - they are often filled with poison.

In warfare, the Ouzquin Dremorix use mirrored armour designed to reflect and confuse their foes - often in large battles, their enemies slay more of their own companions than they do the desert folk due to the confusion.

On death, the Ouzquin Dremorix pay their respects by placing the fallen person's glass sphere into their mouths, and placing a mirrored circlet or mirrored coins. The idea of the mirror is that the deceased has their own life reflected back to them forevermore - thus, how they lived their lives determines how restful their death is.

Axtrami Haiq Ouzala - This sub tells the tale of the history of the Ouzquin Dremorix's weapon, the Ouzala.

This Submission begins with a tale of Naraku - an Ouzquin Dremorix man who strode for martial skill with the battle-staff over all else; but no matter how well he practiced, he just wasn't as great as he felt he should be. After being knocked unconscious, he had a vision of Axtrami, god of the Quinnix folk. Axtrami sent him on a quest to come to his temple with his battle-staff, whereupon the god created a new weapon for him, more suited to his fighting style. The Ouzala was borne from this tale, and ever since it has become a symbol of Ouzquin Dremorix warfare.

The second half of this submission describes a divine influence by Axtrami on some Ouzalas. 'Axtrami Haiq Ouzala' means the Ouzala touched by Axtrami, and they denote weapons that have become artifacts through the god's touch. There are 8 confirmed Axtrami Haiq Ouzalas, each with different powers and appearances but a ninth is rumored - Naraku's original Ouzala. Were it ever found, it is thought to be the most powerful of them all; although the weapon may only be rumor.

Vaxatra - Made by Scrasamax; this sub was created before 'Axtrami Haiq Ouzala' and was something of an inspiration for it.

Vaxatra is one of the 8 Ouzalas touched by Axtrami - It is a weapon infused with the electrical power of Axtrami itself. For more info, read the sub! :p

The Sending of Axtrami - Made by Wulfhere; this piece describes an elemental life-form which is rumored to roam the desert.

The great city of Axtramiya Zuno was created as a beacon along the shores of the desert; a great glass spire stood in its center, shining the sun's light to all. However, the warlock Soromines sought to destroy the city and steal the souls of the Quinnix people - a great army was made by him, amongst which members of the 'sect of the shattered orb' were a part. The warlock succeeded in slaying most of the city and set about fel magic to capture their souls, but in their dying breaths the followers of Axtrami called out the storm god's name. This act of unwavering faith and trust was answered. Great sheets of lightning blasted from the heavens, laying waste to much of the army. The great glass spire was shattered into a plethora of jagged shards of glass which took up a life of their own. The living glass storm passed through the invading army, shredding them to the bone.

Since then, Axtramiya Zuno has become a cursed place, and the glass-storm, this 'sending of Axtrami', blows through the desert, as much as legend as an actual life form.

Some nice storytelling by Wulfhere in this; I suggest checking it out!

Ouzquin and Nantuin Xactaki - The Glass and Obsidian Revenants. A joint sub by Scrasamax, describing glass-touched undead beasts.

The Ouzquin Xactaki are glass revenants; the faithful of Axtrami who fall in honorable combat are sometimes blessed by Axtrami and brought back to life in his service. When they are first brought back their extremities are transformed into hardened glass claws - fingers and toes. The longer they live (some are centuries old), the more their bodies are transformed into glass. Some ancient revenants are nearly all glass. The Ouzquin Xactaki are not to be feared so long as you follow Axtrami's will; they guard tombs and sacred areas. The older they are, the more powerful they become - being granted increasing damage and magical resistance. They also weigh much more as they age. A weak spot of the revenants are in the jaw, where their glass sphere rests; shattering this severs their soul from the corpse, releasing them. Ouzquin Xactaki shatter into a pile of glass when slain.

Legend of the Opal Revenant - This sub is about the Vantuin Xactaki, the Opal revenant of legend.

A history on Aurali: the first Quinnix man who managed to actually connect and communicate directly to Axtrami through the intensity of his faith and belief. Back in the infancy of the Ouzquin Dremorix life, Aurali was slain for his fervor, after embarrassing the High Priest in Bareka by mocking his invention of the glass spheres they wear to represent their lives. On his dying death, Axtrami came to him outside of time and spoke with him. The god of storms transferred Aurali into an Opal revenant, and he since wanders the land, immortal and elusive - Aurali is a conduit to Axtrami himself, able to communicate with the god, but seeking him out and talking with him is a challenge in itself.

Axtrami - The birth and history of Axtrami.

A history explaining the origins of the Ouzquin Dremorix's god. Axtrami is not a divine being, and rather is a creature living outside of mortal perceptions, which feeds on belief and faith. Axtrami was first dreamed up by a long-extinct race (one he helped to destroy), but his essence lingered on for millenia. Eventually, a desert dwelling human had a dreaming vision of Axtrami and his past, and he woke to a great bolt of lightning. Mistaking the lightning as being sent by the dreamt up god, Barhaki, the Quinnix man, ran from his tent and found shards of glass. Though it was coincidence, Barhaki thought the lightning and the glass was sent by Axtrami, and thus Axtrami became the god of Storms, the Desert and Lightning.

Axtrami is a life form which feeds off and is empowered by Belief. Thus, his power has the potential to overcome even godhood, but he is more limited in that he is driven by the faith of the Ouzquin Dremorix. Axtrami is his own consciousness though, and is able to act on his own. Currently, his purpose is spreading that belief, and tweaking what people believe about him in order to extend his range of power.

Axtrami cannot yet manifest himself in the physical realm safe for more than a fleeting glimpse, but the day draws near where this is possible.

Vauraki - The 'devil' of the Ouzquin Dremorix faith.

Vauraki is an offshoot of Axtrami - a shard which unintentionally split from the god. With the faith of the Ouzquin Dremorix also comes the negative aspect of belief - Superstition. When the Ouzquin Dremorix saw things that 'go bump in the night', they dreamed up a concept to explain it. Vauraki is the representation of Voodoo, the unknown and that which is to be feared. Vauraki is represented as a wolf made from obsidian chunks, flecked and streaked with crimson. In images and carvings, it is usually shown leashed to Axtrami with a cord of lightning. This represents both that Axtrami holds the dark and terrifying things at bay, but also suggests that if provoked, Axtrami can let go of the leash.

Vauraki is an elemental force, rather than an intelligent being. It cannot be reasoned with and any attempt to draw it's attention on you usually ends poorly. Superstition spreads faster even than faith, so Vauraki's influence is vast, especially when dealing with horrific things. Monsters, undead and the unknown and weird - wherever these things run rampant, Vauraki may be seen or heard. To have a vision of Vauraki is said to be cursed and marked with death.
The Ouzquin Dremorix fear Vauraki, but they also respect the glass wolf as a part of Axtrami.

Bareka - The shining glass city of the Ouzquin Dremorix

Bareka is nestled on bedrock against a cliff - it in an impressive city, and the capital of the Ouzquin Dremorix people. It boasts many features, and is a place of rest and respite from the harsh desert. There are three sections to Bareka - Upper Bareka holds the temple of Axtrami, and the wealthy Quinnix folk. Lower Bareka holds the majority of the population, and is divided into the academic, residential, military and craftsman's district. There is an arena to test your might in, an academy to study the mystic arts, a hunters hall where the greatest hunters of the Ouzquin Dremorix come to share tales, and plenty of smiths and shops to go around.
The third section is known as Seva Noxen and is a cave system connecting upper and lower Bareka. The main path is safe, but all the off-shoot cave systems are considered the 'slums' of Bareka - where all unscrupulous folk live. Illegal goods, poisons and prostitution may be found within the rock of Seva Noxen. Additionally, it holds several mushroom farms, and a path to the underground water supply which is the main reason Bareka is able to thrive.

The caves of Seva Noxen break off into a massive underground cave system, the entrance of which is guarded by a dozen Quinnix guards at all times. All manner of horrors and mysteries lie in the great caves of Seva Noxen, but few dare to travel beneath unless it is necessary (such as traveling down to check on the water supply.).

Sila'Khrysath; The Great Sand Wyrm

The Great Sand Wyrm is a beast conjured up by Axtrami and Vauraki as a way to frighten off an army which was encroaching into the desert. Is is a dragon, yet elemental of origin, created from sandstone. It's breath is a sandstorm, capable of grazing flesh from bone, and it is able to command lightning, charged by friction of the sand within its lungs. The Sila'Khrysath is a rare sight in the desert, but once every generation or two, one attacks Bareka. The Ouzquin Dremorix consider this a blessing and a test of their strength by Axtrami, rather than a terrible event, and the entire city mobilizes to attack the beast.
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