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Okey doke, three seems like a good number to start on. If anyone else would still like to join in, make your interest known in this thread!

Now, I know Caesar has already called an OD Cleric, but just a thought: how would you guys like it if we kept all info, stats and classes to ourselves, to be revealed though gaming and role playing? Or if you want you can reveal classes and description for some balance (although I really dont mind if there's stacked classes; I can work with it :D) If we choose to hide all info, Caesar, you are welcome to stay as that cleric or pick again.

We dont have to do it this way; I just thought it might be a fun option - three strangers band together with no prior knowledge of their personalities or abilities, and it is all revealed as they struggle to stay alive in a hostile environment! Who knows how they will react to one another!?

What are your thoughts?

I think thats a great idea. I do think we should reveal the bare minimum, however, such as race, class, and country of origin (unless, of course, there isn't enough physical differences to differentiate between two the natives of two areas). That way we don't get, say, all bards, and get slaughtered when a goblin taps us on the shoulder ;). Basically, just tell each other right off the things we'd be able to see. If your really strong, id think that my character would be able to see bulging muscles, though the actual number would be a mystery.

Besides that, how are we determining ability scores?

Yup, im cool with that Caesar, if everyone else is. Class, region of origin, race and basic physical description including things such as height, frame, hair, clothing; whatever you would see of someone at a glance.

Also Caesar, check your inbox - I sent you your scores already as well as a bit of extra into re: ouzquin dremorix.

So we keep the character sheets to ourselves then(with the exception of the GM of course)? Got it.  :chain:

Some questions;

Are any races/classes off limits?
Do we get traits?
Is there any equipment that doesn't exist in your world, like gunpowder technology for instance?

No races or classes are off limits, except for an Ouzquin Dremorix Paladin (I have plans for them not related to the game, but for now, there are no paladins of Axtrami.)

You may each start with two traits.

Classic fantasy/medieval type equipment - no Gunpowder :)

Also, regarding questions on spell recharging and languages by Gossamer:

--- Quote ---I was tossing up being strict and saying that you'll have to return to town or rest up somewhere at your own peril for 8 hours, but now i'm reconsidering. I don't think I want you to just be able to recharge instantly after every battle, but running back to town non-stop could get tedious :p
Let me see...

How about this: To recharge your spells, you need an hour of rest, plus an hour of study, so two hours of pausing to fill up your spell reserves. This way, you can't just throw spells around willy-nilly, but you're not left with a squishy wizard once your spells are drained. You must decide whether it's worth stopping the group to rest up, or just soldiering on. Also, resting may or may not have repercussions; there could be interruptions, and it potentially gives dungeon dwellers time to move around and such (They may also notice signs of you).
Other spellcasters will have the same spell recharging rules.

How's that sound?

Also, regarding languages; Each of the races will have their own language, and there will be common, which everyone will know - I haven't thought too much on languages though. So lets say there's languages for each classic race (such as Dwarf, Elf, Gnome etc.) and then there's languages for each area (Quinnix (Ouzquin Dremorix), Rabble (Sen-Rab) and Ralkharan. There's also Esgol, which will be the language of the Dwarves of Esgoloth, a high-altitude, mountainous frozen region north of the Desert and Ralkhara.)

Don't sweat the small stuff, this world's a work in progress, and it will be expanded as the game progresses, hopefully! :)
--- End quote ---


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