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Welcome to DungeonCrawl! In celebration of me finally getting my first proper core rulebook (Pathfinder, for father's day.), I thought it would be fun if I made up a forum game which focused largely on Dungeoneering! Traps, Monsters, Mysteries, Loot and XP all lie within the walls of the Dungeons!

The game will be largely set within a single dungeon. There will probably be options to return to town if necessary to rest and heal or get more gear, but the main segment of the game is the dungeon.

Characters will be made using the Pathfinder System, and any of the core classes and races may be used. Knowing the basics of Pathfinder would be handy, but it isn't 100% necessary (i'm still learning myself!) I'll roll the dice for some things (Such as skills like perception, and initiative in combat situations). If you need help creating your character i'd be happy to try and help out (though there are probably more qualified people than I to help on this site!)

The life of the game will probably be somewhat limited in nature (Completing the dungeon), but if the game is a success there will be options to continue with further dungeons using your characters (and the xp, levels and gear they earned from their previous dungeon!), and i'll expand it to be a more in-depth game, but for now i'm trying to focus on simplicity and fun than detail.

I'm thinking 3-4 players max. Players start at level 1 and can have a have a previous relationship with other players (feel free to work it out with one another), or have just met them recently in the town. It would be handy if the party got along moderately well - a little drama or eccentricity is fine of course, but lets veer away from loners and chaotically evil personalities.

Below is a quick overview of the region I will be playing this game in.


Welcome to Sen-Rab - a swampy region rife with crocodiles, snakes and brigands. The marshy jungle is the perfect place to hide for many thieves and ne'er-do-wells!

To the South lies Gama-Sol, the thriving capital of Sen-Rab, which lies atop a hill, rising outside of the marshes and overlooking the massive forest below.

To the West lies the tumultuous JadeSea, named for the way it appears to shine a brilliant green with the rising and setting of the sun.

To the North is the forboding Karikun Desert; a place known for it's harsh, unforgiving terrain, savage natives and deep mystery.

The East of Sen-Rab borders the plains of Ralkhara, it's borders defined by the rapids of the mighty Nyhaul river. This river floods incessantly, but due to all of Ralkhara being a higher terrain, the flood water spills throughout Sen-Rab; largely the reason that the land is so swampy.
The Ralkharans and Sen-Rabbins hold a flimsy truce, though war and skirmishes often erupt between the two nations.

Somewhere just north of the center of Sen-Rab is a patch of swamp called The Muck. It is where water pools and large amounts of rotting plant matter create a stagnant area which, though rife with disease is also abundant with life - Mosquitoes attract their superiors in the food chain and animals gather here to feed.
It is here in The Muck that the settlement of Werstone lies.


Werstone is a ramshackle settlement built of hardy ironwood; it is constructed on a slight hilly rise within the Muck that is comparatively dry and safe from flooding. In the surrounding land, farmers make a living by growing hardy plant-life such as mushrooms, and rearing Swamp Turkeys and a breed of Giant Capybara known for their sweet flesh.

With a population of only about 1500, and another couple hundred farmers about, most people with Werstone know each other - and just as well, because the nearest village is several hours away. The relatively dry and pleasant Gama-Sol is some days travel to the south.

Due to their isolation, the folk of Werstone are often left to fend for themselves when faced with obstacles such as bandits or other hazards. The Royal Guard is loath to travel out into the Muck.

The Scenario

There have been problems down in the Muck. At first it was just farmers complaining that some of their Swamp Turkeys and Capybaras had been stolen, prompting thoughts that a carnivore was getting brave and poaching from the farms; especially when panther tracks were spotted around Gefri's farm. But when farmer Tar-Sul went missing along with half the possessions in his farmhouse, the folk of Werstone realized something more sinister was afoot!

Demy-Sefrab, the grizzled leader of the Werstone, sent a hunting party out to find traces of farmer, and panther and boot tracks were found, leading them to the entrance of a natural cave always thought to be haunted, several miles into The Muck. As always, rumor spread: Stories surfaced about a crazed hermit and his panther pets, preying on farmers in the area. More fantastic tales abound of a crazed Druid out for blood who can turn into a panther, dubbed Nightpaws by the locals. Whatever the case, it cannot be left un-investigated.

Demy-Sefrab is offering 500 gold pieces to whoever - local or traveler - is brave enough to enter the cave and uncover the mystery of Werstone's stalker.

Where you come in!

You and a few others have offered to investigate this cave for Demy-Sefrab to see if you can find the missing farmer and learn what is going on in The Muck! You have all traveled together through the muddy jungle and have arrived at the entrance of the cave. The next moves are up to you!

Character Background Aid

Below is a list of several societies and nationalities which could be made into characters. Feel free to make your own up if you like - just run it by me via PM first. Otherwise, take your pick from below. They each have recommended races and classes but this is by no means a strict list - you can make any nationality into any class or race you like if you wish.

Sen-Rabbins: Very prominent ancient Egypt influences, if Egyptians happened to live in a swampy jungle. The leader; the Khira, is worshiped nearly as a god-on-earth. Other gods are represented by the animals native to region (Crocodiles, Snakes, Rats, Mosquitoes, Panthers), usually in the form of an animal-headed human. Slavery is not uncommon, and great tombs are erected throughout the jungle by them in homage to past Khiras - many of which are forgotten and lost within the jungle and overrun with villains, vicious animals or worse. Outside of Gama-Sol (the capital) Most Sen-Rab inhabitants live in smaller settlements within the Jungle, farming and hunting to make a living and sending tribute in form of a percentage of whatever gold they make to Gama-Sol and the Khira.

Recommended Classes: Hunters, Sorcerers, Druids, Clerics.
Recommended Races: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves.

Ralkharans: Knights and Valor, Castles and Honor. The Ralkharans live their lives under the rule of the King and his Lords and Dukes. Ralkharan Society shares similarities with Medieval England and Knights-of-the-round influences. The Ralkharans tend to believe in the One-God; a single deific entity. Some Ralkharan zealots are very strong-minded on this subject and take it on themselves to send missionaries into other lands to try and spread the word of the One-God. This is the cause of many conflicts in neighboring countries; especially Sen-Rab whose Khira swiftly and violently rebukes all suggestions of gods outside of the Sen-Rabbin pantheon.

Recommended Classes: Paladins, Fighters, Clerics, Wizards.
Recommended Races: Humans, Half-Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves.

Hyparican Seafarers: The isles of Hyparica rest in the eastern Jade Sea and is technically part of the Sen-Rabbin borders, though the Hyparicans will laugh at such a ridiculous notion. Fishermen, Pirates, merchants and swashbucklers are they; tellers of tales and sea-hardened old-salts. The Hyparicans believe in the same pantheon that Sen-Rabbins do, however they don't much care for the idea of the Khira and his supposed god-like state. Hyparican Seafarers travel to the mainland often to trade fish and collect supplies. They are considered friendly enough but untrustworthy and are treated with suspicion - the Gypsies of the seas; often more things than supplies go missing after a Hyparican visit, it is said; teenagers swayed by the lure of freedom on the seas are thought to sometimes run away with them, setting sail with the Hyparicans when they leave for their isle.

Recommended Classes: Rogues, Barbarians, Warriors, Bards.
Recommended Races: Humans, Half-Orcs, Halflings, Dwarf.

Ouzquin Dremorix: Sen-Rab's border technically includes the Karikun desert, and centuries ago the Khira of the time sent vast armies within the desert to tame it and properly claim it's denizens as his own. What his armies met within the desert was Horror and slaughter. The savages of the desert defended the harsh desert fervently and with unmatched skill, and the Khira declared the Karikun desert as a place of death, cursed by the gods.
Times have changed, though: recently, the 'savages' of the Karikun Desert have begun to branch out. The Ouzquin Dremorix are an ancient, honorable race; they revere glass, lightning and storms through their god, Axtrami. They follow the will of Axtrami; to be like glass - Hard and Sharp and clear, hiding nothing about themselves and biting back if mishandled. They usually wield a spear-like weapon called an Ouzala, which boasts jagged glass teeth along the entire shaft which is used to saw their enemies. They fight viciously but with a finesse that is hard to match. Physical prowess is not the Ouzquin Dremorix's only domain, though; magical talent flows through through many Quinnix bodies, and they make accomplished Wizards.
The Ouzquin Dremorix are still treated with a superstitious fear by some Sen-Rabbins, but the Ralkharans and Hyparicans are more curious than fearful of the Quinnix folk.

Recommended Classes: Monks, Fighters, Hunters, Wizards, Clerics.
Recommended Races: Human

At the end of the day, this is just an expressions-of-interest thread - I would like to see who is interested in playing a game like this, and if it's worth drawing out a dungeon to play it. So! If this sounds like something you could get into, let me know!


Colour me interested. No ideas yet, and I prefer roleplaying over battles, but I'll try anything once and the more Campaigns active, the more likely that at least one of them is updated. Plus it'll be fun to see how you're like as a GM. :)

I have thought long and hard on whether to venture into the sick, twisted depths of whatever dungeon you could conjure up, shadoweagle, and I have made a decision. I shall be the Ouzquin Dremorix cleric, delving into the swamp with my Ouzala in hand in the name of Axtrami. Prepare for death, ye monsters in the Muck; for Axtrami's light shall wash over you, and you will see your death in the mirrors of his eyes.  :mace:

So, yeah, I'm in. And I call cleric, if you didn't catch that from the above.

An auspicious choice, Caesar!

Also, lets let this thread be a discussion board about what players want, too: if there are things youi would to see or experience, let me know. For example, Gossamer says she likes the roleplaying aspect of forum games, so i think i will add opportunity to do that in game, too.

I think I'll join. Need some time to come up with a character concept. :)


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