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Don't worry, a lot of us shift in and out of the Citadel, incl. myself. I'm in the same boat as you in terms of needing to write more submissions. If you check my Author Homepage, I have like 10+ subs owing in various stages of completion.

Hmm. I work on google docs, but maybe I should post all my half-finished subs here.

not sure if you noticed but you can set the visibility of your sub through drop-down on the right on the submission page. it's set to normal by default but for unfinished subs, you can set it to draft if you want (just so you can't get comments that bite your head off due to incompleteness as you are wont to get here

After a too-long delay, I have made some progress, and updated my original post. More to come.

3 of 3 linked. Yay!


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