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I Weave, Therefore I Am

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Just saw the following sub that could use a linkback (Dossta did not explicitly forbid collaboration so I don't think I'm really cheating):
The Voice Of Blissful Enlightenment by Maggot, sub that could be linked to was id 2279 as seen in author comment

I'm fairly good at finding suggested subs (or used to be) so I'll keep coming up to post until we get you into the Weavers officially. I'm sure that Dossta will be more than thrilled when he comes back to find some new blood in the Guild (we two had always been at any rate back in the days when we were the only two Weavers and then we were very lucky to get Val and then Elbin on board).

I've been too busy weaving to bother about proving I can weave. :P

Perhaps this summer...

Well, now that official Guild leader is away, we're much pretty running amok by ourselves and I've already thought of you as a Weaver so formalities do not matter over much. Just that you told me you're not official the other day and I just came across this easy linkback the other day while doing Strolenati Sundays.

I figured. And I appreciate it but it also feel like super cheating. :P Especially given the link is actually referenced by the author and just not physically linked. :P

Ah well... will keep you posted if I run across any other more legit links. I think I found all of mine just through random browsing and then remembering other subs and now I'm back more active on the Citadel (at least in terms of commenting).


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