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Episode I

Begins with the Furyan prophecy, Lord Marshall makes the quest voyage to the edge of the Underverse, climax of film is the scourging of Furya and the first use of the planet glassing weapons.

Episode II

A holy war breaks out between the Necromonger Armada and a coalition of colonies and worlds that are in their path. Necropolis is launched into space, Vaako and the Purifier and other lieutenants within the sect run their individual missions to conquer and subjugate. Main enemies are the Elementals, and mercenaries hired by the various worlds. A few ship to ship battles, and climax is breaking the Alliance fleet and burning their homeworld, ends with replinishing the ranks.

Episode III

At the gates of the Underverse, insert eldritch unholy artefact, A loose band of would be heroes mount a desperate attack to destroy the artefact, slaying Lord Marshall and crippling Necropolis in the act. Necromongers still achieve Underverse.


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