Author Topic: The Occult Brotherhood, Quest 4: Hell Priest  (Read 6730 times)

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The Occult Brotherhood, Quest 4: Hell Priest
« on: September 09, 2013, 07:01:45 PM »
The Hellpriest, Lazarus Lightward, stands at the altar of the chapel of Tridoa; he seems deep in meditation, but as you approach his eyes blink open and he steps back, "Welcome, Diabolist. You have chosen your path well; but great trials face you. You need not make yourself comfortable; we leave within the hour. My sources have found signs of demonic infestation at a location some miles from here - I have discovered that the best way to become more attuned to demons is to study them in their own environment. Of course, rhere is also an object of some interest within their abode; let us seek it out!"

Hellpriest Quest Requirements

Lazarus Lightward has heard rumours of a demon infested dungeon; explore this dungeon, and find the item within which he seeks!

 - create a Dungeon submission with infernal influence.

 - create an item submission which is connected and relevant to this dungeon.

Each of these submissions must receive a minimum 3.5 score with 3 votes, or 3 score with 5 votes in order to be accepted.

Completing these requirements will grant you 3 points into your Charisma stat, and the prestigious title of Hell Priest!
Lazarus Lightward, Elite Diabolist of the Brotherhood - Level 3 Occultist
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