Author Topic: The Occult Brotherhood, Quest 4 Preamble: The Infernal Triumvirate  (Read 7263 times)

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The Occult Brotherhood, Quest 4 Preamble: The Infernal Triumvirate
« on: September 09, 2013, 06:45:30 PM »
The candle-lit great hall was buzzing with activity as the cultists murmured softly to one another, questioning the reason behind this gathering. You stand among them, a respected and powerful Diabolist within the folds of the  Brotherhood. With an echoing clang, the great doors swing open and inside walk three figures. In the middle, mockingly dressed in the pristine white robes of a Warpriest of Tridoa, is the cult leader, Lazarus Lightward. To his left walks the Archmage Skezemo; a brown-robed, emaciated skeleton of a man, age-wearied and frail. His hood is pulled back, revealing his bald head, whereupon blooded tattoos dance in sigils and swirls of demonic significance.
Finally, to Lazarus's right walks a pale woman; she seemed more monster than human, with her pupil-less blue eyes and frostburn-scars marking tear trails from them. She wore a once pristine plate of crystal armour, now dirtied by black and crimson flecks throughout. Wherever Celsia Rimeheart trod, rime was left glistening on the ground.

"Brothers and Sisters," Lazarus boomed, signalling the end of the murmurings. "You have answered the call, and here we meet. By now you know that my plans for our brotherhood is more than simply the quest for gold or power - but fear not, for these things come with my motives. The world is a twisted, perverted and cruel place; it is the one truth in this life. Mortal-kind have cast a sheet of delusion over their lives, denying the fact that we are all tainted, fallible creatures. All I have ever wanted is to remove the sheet."
Lazarus Lightward waved a hand to his two followers.
"Your efforts thus far have been generalized in nature, and some of you have truly excelled in what we have sought to achieve. However, one can only go so far before requiring a more personalized touch."

Lazarus motioned to Skezemo, "To my left, Skezemo the Undying. Archmage Skezemo the Demon-mind; he who has walked the planes of hell and returned. Skezemo the Hellmage, will be my mind. He will be responsible for the summoning and studying of demons and devils, that we may broaden our knowledge."

Lazarus motioned then to Celsia, "And to my right, Celsia Rimeheart. Maiden of Frozen Sorrow. Herald of the frozen grave. Celsia Rimeheart the Hellknight will be my clenched fist; wherever a situation arises that requires a show of force, she will be there. The Hellknight is responsible for utilizing our Deviltry in combat."

"And then there is me; you call me Hell Priest, so that name will remain. My studies delve into how to direct this infernal power we possess.

"Those of you who can truly call themselves Diabolists may, if the calling takes you, choose to aid one of us. Doing so will forever set you on the chosen path; we require you remain devoted to the one cause.
Go now, loyal brothers and sisters, and think on your choices."

The group disbursed, but as you walk towards the door, Lazarus rests a hand on your shoulder, motioning you aside and speaking in hushed tones, "Ah, brother, I have a task of some importance for you, if you are willing to help..."

Optional Quest
Lazarus Lightward has pulled you aside  to see if you would help him on a specific task. Should you accept this optional quest, you will be given a specific scenario to expand into a submission. To pass the optional quest, the submission must receive at least 4 votes with a minimum 4 average!

The scenario will be unique to each person attempting this quest, and will be given out if you choose to attempt it when you begin your Triumvirate quest.

Successful completion of the bonus quest will grant you one additional point into any mental stat, and the relevant perks outlined in the bonus quest thread.

Quest 4 options

Now is the final path to take. To advance in the Occult Brotherhood you must choose whether to follow the road of the Hell Knight, Hell Mage or Hell Priest. Once you have made your choice you must complete the requirements for your choice in their respective threads. Choosing one path will bar you from the others, so make your choice wisely.

Once you have completed this questline congratulations are in order, for you have mastered all aspects of the Occult Brotherhood! Now, if you haven't already completed them, challenge yourself with the optional quests for further glory!!
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