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This is a current game I am running, haphazardly by the way, and is a continuation of a game I ran about 8 to 10 years ago. To get the creative juices flowing I decided to open this up and use it for what it's purpose was and that was jot down happenings from the current game. By doing that I will also need to put some basic history down of the previous game I ran almost a decade ago as the two tie in together. Here goes nothing, I have never put game notes up and being that they have happened so long ago some may be a bit blurry.

Ten years ago a group of students from Blackrose Accademy were placed in their final year of study. The Academy is very crucial in the kingdom as it generates approved members for the Guilds, generally what runs the kingdom. If one is not a member of a Guild you do no make it very far and usually end up trudging in a slop house or digging mud on some farm breaking your back and bloodying hands and feet.

None of these students knew of each other previously, although they had seen the others randomly throughout the years. Their final professor told them they were gathered as a group because of specific skill sets they all had that complimented one another. They would be given tasks to complete, and in the spirit of learning while the events that took place were fake, they must be treated as real at all times as they were being graded on their failure or success at all times.

Hannan: Young man striving to be acquired by little known but well feared Guild of Thieves. Naive of the real world and hiding himself as a follower more than a leader but gets frustrated when the person in charge makes foolish decisions. Respected for their talents as being some of the most unseen and successful at their jobs. (Most of this was all in the character background and was not written or known by me until I read the background the day of the game.) His mentor and the one holding his invitation and is responsible for his acceptance into the Guild, is a well known antique dealer and trafficker in the highly sought after items of ancient ages.

Vidar Khu: A youth of noble birth, arrogant and cocky to a fault. He has been telling all who meet him he is the heir to his fathers empire who is a known Lord Merchant. (Someone who began as common birth but has amassed so much wealth he has effectively bought his nobility through blackmail, favors, owning more money and property than most.) He is here to solidify his claim as no one can claim noble birth and rights if they have not gone through the academy and been accepted into a prominent Guild.

Jason Blackhawk: A sneaky youth and quiet man often more aloof than needs be, keeping information and notes to himself than helping the others. Feeling knowledge is power he was at the Academy to learn all he could. (Little was written about this character as the player kept it to himself. Seriously)

Bellamin: A young mage of small repute and minor skills. A talented arcanist that actually feared being talented, causing more than once a spell to fail to his fear of failing.

There were two NPC's I had added into the mix in case one of their players were to perish early on. As it turned out the NPC's died rather quickly and the ineptitude of the players actually continued to save their life from time to time.

The Beginning

Being ushered into a large classroom with no one inside led questions around the table. Being inside a classroom of 50 to 100 people for the last three years and now there were only six led the arrogant noble to begin to assert his sovereign claim as leader of the group quickly. Introductions were issued, a few insults, and a couple bonding laughs had the group going in full swing. Their first task would be given to them in the morning but for the rest of the day they were to learn about each other since they would be together for the next year. Their Professor was a middle aged and rather attractive woman, whom Vidar hit on immediately and her proceeded to stop him into the classroom floor with her mental abilities. Her assistant was an arrogant elf named Lasdile whom got on the bad side of every one of the players within minutes.

They went into the city to grab the nefarious tavern mugs of ale, wenches, and trouble. Hannon seeing a youth being bullied by sailors stopped to diffuse the situation when he realized he recognized the small boy from his mentors shop. A modified version of Market Brawl was used to get information to Hannon and to get him information and a temporary lackey. The sailors were defeated, with a majority of help from Vidar whom spoke loudly of his skills, while the mage Bellamin was more a hindrance than a help. Pinning Jason to a stack of crates by misfiring a spell. The information was given to Hannon who kept it hidden.

A successful trip to the tavern for food, drinks, and camaraderie ensued. Hannon left and went to his contact/ mentor to give her the information that was given to him from the young thief. It detailed a spy inside the Academy and a future assault on the city from an undefined source and no reason given. He was told to watch and learn but continue on with his studies as normal and report back every few days unless something ground breaking was found.

At this point the group goes on a few tasks (sorties) missions whatever you wish to call them. They are transported to different places given tasks to accomplish and told each time to treat it as real but it was all a test. (I had 3 of the 4 players convinced it was similar to a magical version of a holodeck while one of the players called BS and assumed the entire thing was real.) Each time their task was completed they would return to the academy rather quickly, fortifying the thought of it being fake and in a magical holodeck of sorts. After four of these tasks were completed (I had setup small adventures that could be finished in a single night and setting to make it seem fast and test like.) they were given a task to track down a woman of noble birth who had been kidnapped. One which the professors assistant was not there to issue forth their task, which seemed odd and made the professor rather annoyed. A long trek ensues, the noble woman is found and rescued but her captor escapes. A little investigating finds the captain of her guard to be behind it and he escaped with an item of magic the noble woman used to hide her appearance while traveling. Another Hewdamia sub go figure

However when this task was completed they did not return to the academy. The assumed that their task was not over since the Captain escaped so they chose to follow him, which led to Star Lake which is home to Blackrose Academy. It takes them two weeks to travel on foot and they arrive to see the city sacked and under control of an army of creatures. (orcs and what can only be described as demonic beings as they had never seen anything like them before) They find Hannons' mentors shop intact but the woman gone. An interesting plan to sneak into the academy actually worked. (I did try to get them caught but I wasn't going to bend the rules and just have them caught.) They find out through accidental searching, that their professor has been taken/killed/no where to be found and that her assistant was instrumental in the fall of the city. After a short monologue, mainly so they knew part of what was going on, Lasdile informed them that an attack on the city was only part of the overall scheme and there was far more to it than children could grasp. That they were out of their league was apparent when Vidar struck Lasdile with a successful blow to the face which the elf didn't even shrug off. After the immediate urging from Bellamin they ran to the city, barricading them self inside Hannons' mentors shop. A brief conversation of what they had learned sparked ideas. Lasdile was wearing similar items on his person that they noticed the captain of the noble womans' guard wore when he had kidnapped her and stole her item that could transform her, and now him. A further search revealed more information regarding the assault and the attackers.

The main force were "orcs" but they were being led by something else, what they dubbed demons which was only a speculation.



Ill write more on this later... trying to remember the detailed from ten years ago is kind of hard.


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