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Spacing and paragraphs in Submissions

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It seems like a silly, rookie question, but still...

Whenever I make submissions of late, I find that the paragraphs I make don't space out as I intend. I try to space it out with enter, and it looks good while i'm in the editor, but once I submit it, the breaks disappear. It makes it looks messier and more difficult to read.

Even if I try to go into the HTML editor and use
 they seem to disappear. What am I doing wrong? :D

I will mess with it this week. What do you copy and paste from? Or do you work directly in the editor?

I have been finding two things - spacing is off, the paragraphs get messed on paste in from google docs, and i find delays when I type.  Have not rules out pc/ browser issues, but mentioning it anyway.

Usually I work straight from the editor, though occasionally I copy it from SkyDrive (if im at work and its quiet i write up some bits and pieces on my windows phone office app and export it to SkyDrive) but i always manually edit the formatting.

I've gone so far as to go into the html editor and manually put the break in, then when i submit it the spacing is gone, so i go back into the editor and the breaks i added seem to be gone! I dunno  :Thud:

In any case, it isn't a massive issue, I just like trying to apace my stuff out a bit because it makes my chunks of text a bit more palatable.

Are you using br tags or wrapping them in p tags?


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