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Baptism of Shadows


And now, his plans truly in motion, Lazarus Lightward travels the world. His journey shall take him to a land of ice and sadness, where he shall uncover and save the maiden of frozen sorrow: the Hell Knight shall be redeemed!

I pledge myself to the path of the Diabolist, and the shadow shall follow in my wake.

and the first tainted submission is ready for appraisal!
A corruption of Siren No Orakio's Celsia Frostblossom. A paladin's fall from grace, her demise, and her rebirth as something more sinister!

Hell Knight: The Tragedy of Celsia Rimeheart

And the second tainted sub is created!

And, as I did not opt in for the optional quest, that concludes my journey! Both subs have received the required votes and I announce Lazarus Lightward as a Diabolist for the Occult Brotherhood.
Perhaps in the future I shall attempt the optional quest but for now, I take a pause from the Occult Brotherhood.


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