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@ Scrasamax, THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!  :thumbup:

@ Strolen: i do hope it will turn out well! planning everything is so much fun!

Hell if i feel it goes well enough i'll post what happens on here and let you judge its results.

Question: how modern is this setting? Stereotypical fantasy (based on Medieval ages) or more modern?


Guild Hall
Brothel, if more than one (suggested) its the biggest, and the most elaborate, suitable for the powerful and wealthy. Whether in plain sight (and no one acts against it) or a well kept secret, the Guild hall is also the seat of business.

what Characteristics would members of each guild have?
The Guild controls the city through its loins, bribing anyone and everyone to get what they want, and destroying anyone who stands against them with blackmail and buried secrets.
The Guild on the whole is one of secrets, subtlety manipulation and scheming. Its members hold long grudges and smile at you kindly even as they stab you in the back. This guild is the spider in the web.

What Tactics do you think their members would use in Battle?
If it has come to open battle the guild has already messed up. Destroy your enemies with blackmail, turn their allies against them, and most of all, let others do your dirty work. If open combat became a reality, the Guild would contract out to another, perhaps by blackmail or perhaps in exchange for information or a favor.

What races do you think fit in each guild?
Humans are the majority, but halflings and half-elves both make a sizable minority. Surprisingly, a number of Dwarves have adopted this guild as well, but not as many.


--- Quote ---Question: how modern is this setting? Stereotypical fantasy (based on Medieval ages) or more modern?

--- End quote ---
I think i am going to go off of Pathfinder for this, so theirs things like the printing press out their but their arnt Cars yet... if that helps.

and i do like your thoughts about Lust, but i think that no matter what ( one way or another) theirs going to be physical confrontation somewhere.

I was thinking they would focuse in Illusions and Charms mixed with sneaky attacks?
 I love the Spider Analogy, it makes a great base to start from.

Well, I was going to let others get in, but seeing no one else, I'll just keep bulldozing:

Thieves Guild, traditional cliche's say location is A) underground B) warehouse somewhere

What Characteristics would members of this guild have?
This is the guild of the acrobats and cat-burglars, the conmen, the grafters and the scammers. If there is a oppertunity to separate someone from their hard earned cash, they will be there.
In general, the guild loosely separates itself between the more agile thieves and the social conmen, though there are plenty of folks who do both. Specialists and coordinated teams are the norm, with multiple members taking different roles and splitting the take.
Those of the Guild take a perverse pleasure and pride in their scoundrel ways. Many have never held a honest job in their life, and most would prefer a low-paying crime to a steady job even if offered. Its not just the money, its the thrill of taking what someone else has and making it yours. Its the thrill of winning what you never earned, of breaking the law and getting away with it. Breaking into a heavily guarded safe and stealing the jewels inside may be just as much about the safe as the jewels.

What Tactics do you think members would use in Battle?
Avoidance if possible, and running if the cards are not absolutely stacked in their favor. They favor fighting dirty, ambushing and trapping those who oppose them, or tricking their opponents into fighting themselves. Bribe those who can be bought, and assassinate those who cannot. Leave your foes running scared and flinching at shadows. Fear is your friend.

What races do you think fit in the guild?
Thieves come in all types, although halflings and humans have the majority. Half-elves who feel out of place also gravitate in, and Half-orcs provide the muscle. Tricky gnomes sometimes fall in as well.

Mages Guild, either has its own hall or uses the local Arcane School. Unlike the others, the Mages Guild is fairly blatant about their existence.

What Characteristics would members of this guild have?
The only real entry requirement is to have skill in the arcane arts. The more powerful, the higher you might go. The Mages Guild holds a monopoly on enchanted goods and spellcasting services, so they are no economic slouches, but usually it utilizes spellwork to do its work instead. While spellcasters exist in all guilds to some extent, the Mages Guild is the major powerhouse, and they are not hesitant to remind people of that.
It should be noted that the Mages Guild can be fractious, arrogance and ambition sometimes putting them at each others throats instead of working together.

What Tactics do you think members would use in Battle?
In all seriousness, members of this guild will depend on spellcasting ability to blast/beguille/scare away trouble, according to individual preference. There is no telling if a mage will blast his way out or disappear in a puff of smoke. Even the most uninclined to combat will have a spell or two if he gets caught in a corner, though.

What races do you think fit in the guild?
Elves primarily, but other races make appearances as well. The gnomes make excellent artificers, for example. Its a mixed lot.

Merchant Alliance. Guild hall located somewhere in the docks, probably.

What Characteristics would members of this guild have?
While not as rich as the bankers, this guild is an economic power, controlling nearly all the goods running in and out of the city. Ships, caravans, riding on the back of a dragon, if it gets sold in the city they probably had a piece of the profit. They also run a smuggling service, getting products - or people - in and out under the nose of the guard.

What Tactics do you think members would use in Battle?
Traveling with expensive goods is dangerous, so the guild employs a large number of guards to deter theft and banditry. If necessary, these men could be mobilized within the city, whether it was to defend its storehouses... or seize a rivals shipment. Risk is measured against reward in all they do, although sometimes the lure of the big score can be too much to resist.

What races do you think fit in the guild?
Mostly humans have both enough ambition and are canny enough to both get the goods delivered and bargain a good price. Dwarves make an appearance as well, dealing in jewels and metals. Half-orcs, again, make good muscle - but are rarely in positions of power and leadership. There are always exceptions, however.

Other ideas:
Greed: Bankers, Miners (well, mine owners) and the Rich. Run Loan Shark type buisnesses as well. While the Merchants control the trade in and out, this is the equivalent of the modern day Mob otherwise.
Sloth: Nobility and Old Money. This 'social club' of nobility has never worked a day in their collective lives, but has enormous influence over the city. If there were any royalty they would be in here.

Issues: Greed and Gluttony are kinda overlapping. Same goes for Sloth, which lies somewhere between Lust and Greed. Putting a more criminal spin on Greed then originally planned will help, but I need to give Sloth something original as well.

The Pride people should either fight honourably or do anything to win. In either case they would either fight to the death or concede defeat and hold a grudge.

Envy should probably try and steal opponents weapons.


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