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--- Quote ---A doppelganger sounds very good. That way it could covet new positions and move through society, leaving a wake of corpses. It might be hard for the leader to communicate with its subjects though, maybe it sends a letter or something everytime it changes its body and have intermediates communicate its wishes, but of course that will leave clues for the PCs to follow. 
--- End quote ---

I like you Gossamer, Your good people!

But on subject here: As far as communication between the "leader" and the guild, i plan on having Fake leaders who know the real identity of the True Leaders, weather that be by a secret code or maybe the use of a secret seal. Something Sneaky.
SO, i plan on having it as this:

Council Member (True Leader)( one of the seven i have named above)
Guild Leaders ( Fake leaders of the guilds, more than likely, they'll actually be the True Leaders right hand's.)
Guild Members ( by Rank)

This is what i think will work nicely, give the PC's something to work on. Though I dont think I'll do this for all of them. I might use Secret Identities for some of the others.
EX:  I might have the Leader of LUST (Lady Amal'Kron) Be known to her members, but the council knows her as Sasha "Zelda" Subeam, a half-elf who moved from one of the local towns, to the capital, and opened Lady Zelda's Emerald Web

What are your thoughts about the other Leaders?
What about the Guilds, do they seem like their set up with the correct Tactics, Businesses, Etc?

I think I got most of them Pritty spot on but am still thinking about it. I want them to have their own Characture sheets/ Guild sheets and i dont want to be reduing them a dosen times so i want to work out all the bumps first.


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