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Greetings good Strolen Community,

I am working on a Guild game for my players. The whole idea of the game is t hat my PC's are going to be joining/ Re-inventing a Guild. The Guild has been "dead" for some time and only 1 or 2 of the PC's have actually heard of t he guild, either through Family heritage or through stories from the elderly. EACH PC will have 3 individual Characters and they will have to re-acquire  a guild hall ( the original hall fell in a battle MANY MANY years ago)

In their spare time i will have them rolling Prof. checks or craft checks to aid what ever local town/city's citizens, and to raise funds and reputation for the guild. If need be on missions the PC's will be using multiple characters on missions that require larger forces of arms or greater tactics.

HERE'S Where i have an issue. The other major guilds of the area i want them to be based around the 7 deadly sins, with that being said, their guild leaders are the leading council members of the capital city (also the ONLY Metropolis in the game). This is of course done in secret and no one, not even the actual guild members know who their leaders are. Only the guild members under the leaders know their real Identities and these individuals ACT as the Leaders of the guild as far as their members know. ( and no the guilds will NOT be named after their SINS directly)( so it wont be like "HEY come Join Guild Gluttony", they will have some name that does associate with the sin though.)

The Guilds are ALSO AGAINST EACH OTHER, with each one wanting to be top dog. So theirs a lot of fighting and "GUILD PRIDE" going on.

Now the issue i have is this:

EACH GUILD is a representation of their guilds SIN. (EXAMPLE: Members of the Greed Guild are exceptionally greedy. They want it ALL! Money, power, Women (men), ALL of It.)

* what Characteristics would members of each guild have?
* What Tactics do you think their members would use in Battle?
* What races do you think fit in each guild? EX: Orcs with WRATH, Elves with PRIDE ?

* What Activities would each guild work with? EX: would members of the PRIDE guild work for the city guard in secret? Would members of SLOTH work in Drug Dens?

* What Schools of MAGIC would you associate with each SIN? Would CONJURATION be more associated with SLOTH or maybe be their PRIMARY school focus?

* WHERE would the Guilds HQ be hidden? THIS ONE I think will be the Hardest because I Think it requires more thought. Sure its easy to say that GREED'S HQ could be hidden in the cities largest Bank, but what about WRATH? would their HQ be hidden under the city, maybe under the Docks of the city, some place that feeds their Anger twords the others?
The sins are as follows( for those whom dont know)

Sloth, Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, Gluttony, Wrath

Looking forword to your thoughts and ideas!!!!

I'm gonna get back to this one later for some serious pondering, but for now. Wrath's headquarters;

An arena, a post office or the DMV. :P

I can see why you would say Arena or Post Office, but thats more or less the enviornent. I want their guild HQ's to be located in areas that are the source of their sin. An Areana could work but it seems a little too obvious, I was thinking for WRATH, maybe have their guild hall "cast aside", almost as if it was "too late to pick a place" and just got tossed some where, almost to be forgotten. This is why i was thinking maybe underground or even under the ocean, cast aside some place out of sight.

Though with that being said, an "underground" fighting areana could work.

More thoughts?


what Characteristics would members of each guild have?

The Guild of Wrath is the Guild of grudges, violence, uncontrolled anger and self destructive behaviors. Like the Sith, the Guild of Wrath is guided by it's emotions, and members react, rather than reflect. Violence is their first, last, and only answer. They have long memories and keep records of those who wrong them, and make their plans to enact their vengeance. Guild members are physical in nature. Older members and higher ranking members are more canny, and understand that a fist in the face or knife in the neck isn't always the best answer. Sometimes an exquisite planned gambit can cause more ruin and pleasure.

What Tactics do you think their members would use in Battle?

Anything that works.

What races do you think fit in each guild?

Humans, dwarves, and orcs are given.

Guild Hall?

The Temple of Grudges, the Altar of Retribution, The Hall of Red Painted Walls

Wow. Just wanted to say that is sounding like a very fun idea!


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