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Questions of Religion in a world awakening to magic (HELP)

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hmmmm after reading everything here it almost sounds like a Steam-punk(esk) "Earth Inherited" situation.

... Asuming you DONT know what that means, i'll explain Quickly.
"EARTH Inherited" is the idea that when the 7th seal is broken the Gates of the Heaven and Hell will open, unleashing themselves on earth, and all things humanity, as the final battle of the "3 kingdoms". This dosent happen untill Humanity stands an equal chance in the battle between the Heavens and Hell.
AFTER THE BATTLE,  the gates seal and Demon's, angel's, and humans (all those who are still alive) are left to restart an existance on the ruined Earth. From these Ruins "Earth" is rebuilt with influence from all matter of creature.

--- Quote ---nteresting idea... the moon as a Lunar Seal. Maybe the Sealing happened on the moon, with Merlin and a few other mages enacting the ceremony on the moon, away from prying eyes. This could be how a ARCANE seal could stop the flow of magic without defeating itself.
--- End quote ---
The Moon WAS the 7th seal ALL ALONG. With its distruction ( we could say the when the eclips happened a maybe Merlin and the mages completed their spell, whichin turn broke the seal?) the "EVENT" could be the after math of it all.
--- Quote ---Sometime between 1870 and 1900, however, things changed. One day, without warning, a solar eclipse occurred when there should have been no such event. In areas where the moon was visible, it turned blood red. Lights cascaded across the sky reminiscent of the Aurora-Borealis (aka Northern Lights) and the earth shook. Then, it just stopped.
--- End quote ---
The Shaking the "Earth" felt could be the gates of Heaven and Hell Opening, and the flood of both into the world. With them, came magic as well, allowing the "Awakening" to start, the strange creatures/instances, miricles, Etc. it Could ALSO explain why the gods are silent.

Now here is where i think the religion idea should start to form, but i also think this is where the Steam-punk idea should come in too.
Steam-Punk is the idea that we didnt advance technologically in to computers and what not, but advanced with STEAM Tech.
With the breaking of the Seals and all that happened its not hard to see how this idea could work, AND why i think it ties in with the religion ideas you spoke of earlier...

--- Quote ---•Abrahamic Religion - these religions all claim to worship the same god, and that the others have got the transcription wrong. (Simplification.) For this setting, fuse the Abrahamic religions (Jewish, Christian, Islam, Bahá'í Faith, ect.) into one. This monotheistic religion believes the others are false, pretenders, and that only God is God. They also are heavily anti-arcane, and see it as a abomination and a sin. Clerics will gain power to dispel magic.
--- End quote ---

I Think this idea would work great in the situation(s) you have. Their will still the the faithful after "THE EVENT", and who will try to rebuild their religion and shun the new things of this world that counterdict their belifes.

--- Quote ---•Polytheistic Faith - Believing in one or more of many gods, divided by domain and aspect. These gods do not reject the existence of other gods, and so can cooperate more harmoniously if necessary. The Chinese Celestial Bureaucracy is a good example, or the Greek Pantheon. This resembles how religion is often treated in fantasy. The power of a cleric - and what is asked of him or her - depends on the god or gods worshiped.
--- End quote ---

This idea only just begins to Blossum with these EVENTS. With everything going on and all the gods its not hard to see how they could only benifit from this in this world. Hell you might even get some of the Demons/angels trying to be these beings made manafest.

--- Quote ---•Animistic - Believing not in gods, but in ancestral guidance or guidance from spirits, these beings are clearly not deific but are no less revered. Shinto, and some parts of Native American religion is like this. These clerics attempt to live in harmony with these forces, and draw their power from that. D&D style Druids fall under this section, as do some demonologists (think more 'lesser' demons like oni, although Diabolists probably exist too.)
--- End quote ---

This i think would be a big one, especually to survivers of the CHAOS of "THE EVENT". Not only that, if magic does come back then spirits might be able to be seen, or they might mistake some of the new creatures of the planet as such. THIS IS WHERE i think the steam-punk idea becomes fun and grand. I'll explain why lastly.

--- Quote ---Idealistic - not relying on the presence of gods for enlightenment, these religions practice a path of introspection and reflection. Buddhism and certain variants of Taoism are like this.  There can be a number of these 'paths' and each one is no less true for the others. Psychic powers would arise from followers of these paths.
--- End quote ---
Again Depending on how the survivors choose to look at the events that havae happened great idea.

--- Quote ---•Animistic - Believing not in gods, but in ancestral guidance or guidance from spirits, these beings are clearly not deific but are no less revered.
--- End quote ---
This i think can go down 2 paths. The Traditional way, as you have stated, or the more Materialistic way.
Meaning that instead of putting their "faith" in animal spirits or spirits of nature, but rather in Machine or Personal Items. People who believe the only real "Faith" is that of a family sheild, or in a machine crafted by your own hands ( this being the Steam Tech part)
(Almost like the idea of " The Machine Spirit" from Warhammer 40k, or a Samurai warrior and his familys sword)

Sorry if this complicates things, just wanted to share my thoughts... my :twocents: ... probly more like  :twocents:  :twocents:  :twocents:



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