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Hi, fellow delvers of the darkness- err, I mean roleplayers... er... lets just go with Strolenites... yeah, that sounds good.
Greetings, fellow Strolenites! My name is Darkstand.

I have been involved in RPG's for a few years now, mostly as a player but I have tested my toes as far as DMing goes, and intend to do more of it, eventually. I have the greatest familiarity with straight D&D but I have played World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, ICONS, RISUS, GURPS and a couple more that I can't recall right now. Different systems (and different settings) all tend to cater to certain styles of play, so its fun to try them out, even if you don't intend to use them for a long term campaign.
I tend to run more in the high-fantasy circles, although I am fond of mixing in Lovecraftian entries into otherwise non-horror campaigns. I am a avid reader, so whether I like it or not, I tend to end up referencing and/or channeling influences from my favorite books.
Even though I am a relative newbie to DMing itself, I have always enjoyed crafting a good backstory, and have helped world creation for a few different GM's both as a sounding board and contributing/bending ideas together. (I am a TVTroper, so though I try and filter it out forgive me if some of the jargon slips through).
I found the site first through 5 Room Dungeons, but did not stick around till the site was linked again to me in a old blog. Its an amazing site, both for collaboration and to mine for ideas, I already have a number of pages bookmarked, and at this rate will need to make a new folder just for them.  :up:
While I have merely contented myself with commenting on others works so far, I most certainly will post a submission or two myself soon enough. I've got a idea rolling around about mages mindlinked together... well, you'll see soon enough... hopefully.
Its a bit redundant to say it explicitly on a site like this, but I enjoy sound-boarding ideas (and putting my own spin on things) almost as much as creating things myself, so I am a good resource for working things out if its needed. Not sure what more there is to say, so I'll say my piece is said (for now).

From the advancing army of the Barbarian Horde, another individual steps out from the masses and joins the cause. A challenge roared. A challenge accepted. Welcome to the humble Citadel where ideas bounce around the halls as flies on a carcass. (in a good way, meaning there are a lot of them...not that they eat, nevermind).

We all thank you for the comments we are about to receive and for the ideas you shall soon bring forth. Very much looking forward to your continuing presence!

Greetings, Darkstand, and welcome to the Citadel. I too came here by way of the 5 room dungeon.

I look forward to seeing your vision revealed. Perhaps we shall meet in chat or the lofty halls of Sagely Advice to trade ideas.

Hello and welcome! I see that you're insane, we'll no doubt get along nicely.  :lol: Ah yes, Tvtropes, where every idea has already been thought of. A fun but slightly depressing place.


--- Quote from: Gossamer on August 24, 2013, 06:43:58 AM ---Hello and welcome! I see that you're insane, we'll no doubt get along nicely.  :lol: Ah yes, Tvtropes, where every idea has already been thought of. A fun but slightly depressing place.

--- End quote ---

Insanity is fun!

I prefer to think of Tropes not as complete ideas, but as templates, to invert or play slightly askew... or, occasionally, even play straight. I believe that being aware of them does make you a betterr writer by some degree, though one must be careful not to use the jargon elsewhere. The amount of time that can be wasted there, on the other hand... that is depressing


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