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Am I the only one that prints to read?

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I have taken to printing long subs because I tend to have trouble reading large amounts online.

Bonus: The score is not visible on the readability print out, so I don't feel inclined to raise or lower any scores and actually stick to the 5 point system.

I'm too lazy and with too little patience to do that. But I have found myself philosophizing sometimes whether or not I allow myself to get swayed by previously existing scores, so that sounds like a big plus. I too have problems reading long sections, that's why I always try and break up my text into sizable chunks, and often refuse to read subs that haven't gone through the same process.

As a general rule, i hate printing things out. However, the single page format is hell to get through for some of the longer subs, which is why it takes me so long to get to them. I don't know what a good solution what be, though.

Or I guess I could just use the tools available...

Giving Readability a try.

Nope. I read them out.  If I print them out, I am archiving them for some reason.  (though usually that is done digitally).


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