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Revealing the Holy Words

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Comments completed:

* Societies - Mystical: The Friends
* Systems - Divine/Spirit: The Other Side
* Systems - Mystical: The River of Sorrow
* NPC - Religious: Verdichtung, Reaver of Steam
* NPC - Mystical: Jacob Latris

Now that the rest of the requirements have been met, here is the current average rating for the three subs:

4.13 (Ahkti) +
3.63 (Fena) +
3.88 (Key, Quill, Seal)
= 44.64

44.64/3 = 3.88 which is greater than the required 3.25.

My journey is complete. I shall now humbly await the word of the Guild Master.

The prophecy has been fulfilled, and the gods have turned the stars into your favor.

With the blessing of the gods, you are consecrated as an Acolyte of the Divine Synod, with all rights to the title therein. So too you shall be called the Chosen of Aktagarti.

Let the Synod welcome its ordained!

I most humbly accept my place as Acolyte and Chosen of Aktagarti. May his benevolence forever shine upon us all.


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