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Y'all seem to be missing a Thieves Guild.

Few ideas for quest types:

* Combining two subs you didn't write.
* Writing a variation of a sub.
* Taking something from one universe and writing it in a way that can be used for RPGs (Detailing Warhammer battle formations and ranks, Writing about all the hidden features of a castle in Game of Thrones, Re-writing Master Chief as if he was in a Steampunk or fantasy setting

Oh, we have a thieves guild...! You dont expect it to be out on the open, do you!?

Okay, we don't have a thieves guild. But here is your chance, Celo! Create this guild! Give us trap subs, and famous burglar npc's, and a secret underground thieves den location! It sounds like a fun guild to work on, and justr think; you could have the glory of being the illustrious leader!!

Oh it would be too boring to just have Thief related subs...I stand by my first post that you would have to "steal" from other works of fiction.  Think about it, there is honor among thieves, but until I know you have stolen something there is no honor in just ratting out another thief.

Make sure you look at the Weavers guild - it is based about weaving together other submissions as well. Might be a bit of overlap.

So what you are saying is that we would be stealing your ideas?  :wink:

Jk, but still I think taking a queue from the Occult brotherhood and making the whole Guild joining process a RP in and of itself is a good step.


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