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Timing, dork factor, and Summer Doldrums

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Hypothetically speaking, if one were to, say, write a couple of Guild worthy subs a day or two before Declaring for said guild, can those subs be used for the first guild quest? Especially if those subs had already been added to the Summer Doldrums quest sans guild freetext?

I would think that it would be at the Guild Leader's discretion.

However if, Hypothetically speaking, the guild leader was absent at the time being (I.e. Dozus), one could perchance sneak into the guild and then add the freetext of the guild to the already created sub.

Hypothetically speaking.

If it were MY guild, I would allow it if it was within, say 2 days of joining the guild, but with an additional .5 penalty to the minimum requirement.

The guilds are there for a way to challenge yourself. Do what you think is fair to yourself.

Indeed. I think the nature of the Doldrums is for lieniancy. My vote would be sure.

Also, if Dozus should return and find this not to his liking, he can always give you a punishment task! :p

You must beg and grovel under the foot of the Guild Master and beg his forgiveness for not declaring your submissions in his honor upon submission. For it is a wicked soul that would scheme and deal to burgle homes and shops and then, only after, beg the Thieves Guild for credit for something not done in their name.

Far be it from me to say, however, because great names have come to the defense. Ones names who may cause them to fall on their sword in support the proposition.

May the Guilds be wary of their strength if their rules are bendable to a wayward thought.
May the Guilds be wary if they move and shift boundaries of entry to appease a beggar.
May the Guilds be wary if they besmirch their honor for the way of ease.
May the Guilds be wary!

(Somebody had to run the Guilt Trip Train :) It doesn't bother me one way or another...however, be wary)


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