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I think this is my third time doing this

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Hey there, my name is mrcelophane.

The last time I did something on this site the Saints did not have a Super Bowl ring and I was around 15-16. I still think I was a decent writer back then, but not by Strolen's standards.

I'm about to turn 22, and would like to get back into writing.  I always loved the Horror and/or fantasy genre's, and this place was always perfect for that.  While I have read many RPG rule books, I have yet to participate in a session.  I'm not opposed, I just never got around to it.  That said, I have a basic idea of how RPGs run, but will try to stick to coming up with characters and organizations.

Anyway, anyone want to fill me in on what has changed since 2008?

Oh yeah..apparently we are supposed to join guilds...someone give me the hard sell, otherwise I may end up a necromancer.

Howdy there, Celo!

Its good to see you've returned! We all look forward to seeing what you have to offer! :D

Also, by all means, join the necromancers; show them your worth! And once you have dabbled in those arts, you may find yourself drawn to a more... Pure powwr. This path will lead you to the Occult Brotherhood.

Well, if you want to constantly have the smell of decaying intestines in your nose and open, pure, undiluted hatred towards you from the townsfolk, feel free to join the Necromancers. But if, well, you decide that such is not your path, then perhaps the Cartography Guild is the way to go. We not only offer free passes into any civilized nation, but also offer delicious chocolate-chip cookies.

And not only do the Cartographers secretly rule the world, but we make a lots of money through the selling of our maps to those ignorant fools who come to our storefronts. Though you'd start off as a Minor Minion, with enough dedication you could easily rise up the ranks and attain a level with enough power, money, and influence to make changes around the world. I could, if you prove loyal enough, even give you control of some country somewhere (I, personally, have a small island nation of Ge'hee El'smastnat that I use as my own personal vacation home).

Of course, the choice is yours. But do you really want to join the dwarves, and get stuck in a mine all day? Do you really want to join the Necromancers, and suffer the stench of your undead army? Do you really want to join the Weavers, and ruin your figners during the sewing and needlework? Do you really want to join the Divine Synod, and pay homage to some god that won't even acknowledge your existence? Do you really want to join the Occult Brotherhood, and have some demon chew your face off after you make some petty mistake?

If I missed any guild in that, forgive me, and I'll make a note of why they are inferior to the Cartographers.

There are only two problems with that line of thinking.  One: I don't have a good sense of smell, and B: I generally come within a few points of failing Geography courses.

Well, there are two paths (well, three, if you count our military) through the Cartography Guild for the, ah, geographically challenged. The first is making stuff up, and blaming your assistants. The second is copying maps, and various desk jobs. You don't have to do the grunt work of wandering around finding new terrains to map, or even have a good idea of where anything (or maybe I should say anywhere?) is in the world or, indeed, your office!

You can even steal others people's maps, or explore in greater detail existing maps, to get past the entrance requirements. Not that I condone that sort if thing, of course. Completely against the Guild Charter.


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