Author Topic: Green Lights for Cosmic Era  (Read 4202 times)

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Green Lights for Cosmic Era
« on: August 12, 2013, 12:28:08 PM »
The groundwork and foundations have been laid for the Cosmic Era setting. There will be other submissions as I uncover those veins and open them, but the dithering around is completed.

Some ideas and brainstorming for the Setting, aka stories and plots.


The core story for the Cosmic Era game I ran was going to be a mission to reach the Juneau Arcology and find out what happened. The truth is that the Alien invasion is closer than the AISCs have anticipated. There is a small group of migou scout ships sitting in orbit over Alaskan airspace. The arcology was the target of their first scouting raid, and the arco AI locked down the facility and alerted the powers that be. Juneau is a PRC weapons research facility, specifically the Cyclops system. Cyclops is an anti-space ship MASER array intended to shoot hostile ships out of orbit. The Migou want to dissect the system, and take it offline since it is a threat to them. The PCs would be given the task to activate the only partially complete but fully functional system. The MASER would discharge until the system locked/overheated and then detonated with enough force to sanitize the area, destroying the arco and all the mind controlled humans in the area. The ships in orbit would be vaporized by the blast.

The Hidden Kingdom

Through Amerikka Command shroud technology, an entire nation has been built in secret, its arco fortresses hidden from sight and space. The hidden masters are using very advanced arcanotech and next generation machines, power sources and weapons, but to what end?

The Colonies

The colonies in space are chaffing under terrestrial rule, distant leadership, high taxes, and being used as dumping grounds for criminals and other dissidents who want to leave earth.


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