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In the far realms of Needsaname, magic exists, but not in a form familiar to the average WorldWalker. Instead of chanting mantras and drawing runes, the mages here grow their spells.

Original, Core Idea: Spells are grown.

Expansion on core idea:

* Spells are grown from plants. What mages actually use are the fruit of plants that absorb ambient magical energy.
* The ambient magic in in the environment is so weak that there are no true human spellcasters. The ability to interact with magic directly never arose in humanity.
* The original source of modern spellcasting is from plants that produced so-called wyldspells, ancient ancestors of modern spells that were then selectively bred to produce a wide variety of magical effects. There are still wild variants of spellfruit plants, but their effects are focused much more on standard natural focuses: improving the environment for reproduction, repelling predators, etc. Example: The modern fireball spell and its variants all likely stem from an ancient wyldspell plant that would start a fire to ward off herbivores that would otherwise eat it.
* Magic users are concentrated in mage clans, large families that grow and breed spells for their own use.
* Selective breeding results in "customizable" spells; the basic effect is the same, but small differences exist thanks to the breeding. One clan might have a long-burning fireball, while another might have one with an extended detonation radius.
* Because spells are fruit, some inevitably can be eaten. Healing potions might be as simple as eating a berry.
More than anything currently, I need a name for the plants that grow spellfruit. But I'd also like a discussion of just how this changes a setting. Magic is available, yes, but it's concentrated in the hands of powerful groups. "Indie" spellcasters are few and far between, and probably have to be constantly wary of clan pressure and/or violence.

To prime your pump, I'd suggest Gemstone Magic for some solid examples of what a world might look like when magic is intimately tied to material components.

I think it's a great idea that would have so much use. PC's could have to 'harvest' their magic. And if they're really lucky they'll find some extremely rare and powerful spellfruits growing wild in the middle of 'Dangerjungle'!

So, does the fruit have to be ingested to be used?
For example with Fireball: Does one ingest a 'Singefruit' and then a sphere of fire ignites in their fist, or do they just lob the fruit itself at their foes and it ignites?

I can see that splicing and mixed breeding would be a cool idea. combining a fireball fruit into vine-form to make a fire-whip, for example :p

If ingesting the fruit is how to get the power, there's a natural limitation right there: Depending how full you are :P
So you can 'prepare' your spells at the start of the day by eating 3-4 pieces of fruit, and the energies last in your system into you pass the fruit (ew), so it lasts a day or so. Maybe in an emergency you could jam another piece or two in at lunchtime :p

Also; what about insects, vermin or even other mammals; if they eat the fruit do they gain the powers? Flaming fruitflies buzzing around... Invisible rats from eating the Fadeapple... Cheeky monkeys breaking into houses after eating the Knocknana...

I love the idea. Got my mind spinning a little bit, which I enjoy.

Brainstorming and possibly annoying questions:

So does the mage have to grow his own "crop" of spells or can they be purchased and interchanged?
Splicing is one way, but also the pollination.
Could non-magical plants gain magic by this method. Would nature have a play in the creation? A bear eats magic and normal plants, s**ts in the woods and the crossing of them in the bear create something?
Bees carrying the plants magic with them? Magical bee keepers?
Would it have to be magical from the beginning or doing something just prior to growing fruit be enough?
So you have an apple orchard. Could a mage come in before they blossom and do some kind of magic so that the apples created are magic?
Would it be like fields that go through a crop rotation?
Too much magic over the seasons will kill a plant. Perhaps it will kill it eventually but its last crop is ultra powerful?

The mage has to have some kind of natural thing inside him to digest the fruit/plant appropriately in order for the magic to work. So a healing plant will only work on magicians that are able to digest/absorb the magic? Same way with any other magic. If the person doesn't have the midichlorians (hehe) to digest, their bodies won't be able to extract the magic.
That way you wouldn't have to worry about your fireball apples being stolen used like grenades.

There has to be a limiting factor otherwise anybody can use it. There could be a rare, pure plant that can be used by anybody. The original tree or whatever. So anybody in the world can use the magic of this plant. Only of they think.

I love the insects idea. I would make that a huge part of the magic of the world. They, more often than not, can't really do anything but they would have odd reactions to what they eat. Mosquitos the size of pigeons, dragonflies that are faster than an arrow, bees that sound like thunder, gnats that glow like embers from a fire. Just oddities that are unique and partially disorientating. They can change depending on what they eat and magicians are able to read these abnormalities to discover the rare magic plants in the wild.

I like the idea, it gives spell casting an interesting twist, but i have to agree with Sr. Stolen,
--- Quote ---There has to be a limiting factor otherwise anybody can use it.
--- End quote ---
,... and with Shadoweagle... on about everything...

1st thing.
* CAN any one use magic? or is it limited to only the select few who know not only how to enjoy the fruits of nature, but also to unlock its sweet, sweet acane juices?
* Does it work both ways?Example Would eating the correct Herbs Automatically heal an individual? or does it have to be eaten by a mage, coughed back up and made in to a Paste? (using their own knowledge and digestive juices as the "reagents" to unlock its healing powers.)
2nd thing.
* IS this Limited to just ARCANE spell casters? or does it also effect those high and might Divine people too?
* If it does effect Divine spell casters, how would you work with Divine only spells and Vise-versa? Would Arcane Spell casters be the only ones growing "Apples" and Divine spell casters being the only growing "Potatoes?"
 :P I'm seeing a lot of fun and potenial possabilities here!! :P

...going back to my "1st thing", i think for how the plants are sown would depend on how they grown. All plants have the arcane power locked in them, its just the condisions in how they grow that determine their outcome.

Example An Orchard of Apples is planted, with a combination of bat guano,sulfur, and the Apple seed its self. With the Arcane energies excellerating the growth ( we'll say for reasons of arguing that they can do that) a week later they are Fireball Apples.
AS opposed to the same idea but substatuting A handful of copper & iron pellets with the seed to bring to Harvest Lightning Ball Apples.

This thought continues with the Herb idea. Some Herbs are Medicinal just by themselves. So eating/using them would bistow their healing effects on those eating them. Put in the hands of a skilled individual thought ( say a Cleric ) and its true power is unleashed, turning the herb into a cure light wounds salve or potion.

THIS leads to another idea, fueled by Shadoweagles "fireFly's" idea, a Cheif Mage.
Take an arcane spell caster that can unlock the arcana potential of the fruits/vegie's, (maybe even from the meats of animals that have eaten the plants) combines with the culinary arts to MAKE "new" spells or spell effects!!
EXAMPLE Take some "fireball" apples, mix them with "Special Cinnimin" ( for "spice" of course) and add a hint of MINT. Cook for an hour and now you have a Cold Fireball Pie, with a Kick!!

so by adding different ingredients you can change the over all properties of the spell. Adding MINT to a dish changes it to COLD, Adding SAGE makes it Last longer... Hell we could even go as far as saying HOW its cooked could change its overall effects.

EXAMPLE You Make Fireball Tomatoes and Instead of eating them you slice them and make a Burger. Instead of Fireball, it turns into a Protection FROM fire/frost Spell
Or Maybe the tomatoes are fried with oil so when they are "cast" you get a combination fireball/grease spell.

Or Hell we could even see some Arcane spell caster like a VeggiMancer, or maybe an Agriculmancer...( the difference in these 2 examples being one only uses the magic in veggitables and the other uses it from all forms...and is a farmer to boot :P ). Mage/farmer Highbreds cultivating feilds of arcane distruction, milking the pure essence of CHAOS from cows that were few these Arcane induced plants,...
:shock: or worse a mage that only uses the SPOILED fruits/veggie's, harvesting the spells NEGATIVE effects for his spell casting  :shock: 

... GOING back to my "2nd thing" now...
How does this effect other spell casters? It might be easy to say that Divine Spell casters are the only ones growing Grapes, and Arcane spell casters are the only ones growing Apples, but by doing so you are exposing a part of these charactures identities, which could make or brake a battle or some key story point/arc.
Maybe its only when these friuts are turned in to another form (such as Wine or Ale) that it's effects become divine, or are unlocked. i think that might be interesting, THE BEST CLERIC IN TOWN... is the town drunk :sigh:

Or maybe, like above, it's all about how its prepaired. A "cure Light Wounds" egg roll may not be as appealing as a Cure Light Wounds Wine. or maybe you mix the herbs together, boil them down and make a Rejuvination Ale.

How would this effect animals??? would they even be able to use the effects that would be upon them?
Could a farmer or a mage feed his sheep these plants and then harvest Fire Wool? Could said product be used in the creation of magcal equipment? I think it would be interesting to have a robe of fire resistance that you made yourself from your own flock.
Though it would be interesting if these magical effects just took effect on those whom consumed them. If a herd of cows are a bunch of grass infused with magic that made them Vanish, it could be a fun mission for PC's. Or dealing with a rats nest that has a bunch of different effects on them.

How about Druids in all this Blasphomy to nature? Are they Alright with this? What are their views on the subject? Could a druid unlock a plants powers, feed it to their animal companion, and send them in to battle, FUR aBlaze?

The Possabilities here are WIDE and GRAND!

...... Sorry if i went to far...


--- Quote from: young0ne2 on August 15, 2013, 04:56:47 PM ---Would eating the correct Herbs Automatically heal an individual? or does it have to be eaten by a mage, coughed back up and made in to a Paste? (using their own knowledge and digestive juices as the "reagents" to unlock its healing powers.)

--- End quote ---

That is gross. And awesome. Awesome and gross. :P "You want a healing poultice? Trust me, you don't want to know what they put in that stuff. Best let it heal on its own..."


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