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After having dedicated myself to the Synod, I find myself with an updated to-do list. This would be:

Recruit quest: Faiths of the Founders

You must craft a new creed for the faithful to follow.
Write 1 sub in the "Societies - Religious" or "Systems - Divine/Spirit" category outlining the belief system, pantheon, or hierarchy.
Write 1 sub in the "NPC - Religious" category associated with the new religion.
Write 1 sub in the "Items" category that features some artifact relating to the faith.
These subs must have a 3.25 or higher average rating and include "Divine Synod" in the freetext.

As a show of ecumenism, you must vote on three subs in any of the following categories
NPC - Religious
NPC - Mystical
Societies - Religious
Societies - Mystical
Systems - Divine/Spirit
Systems - Mystical
You must also upvote a comment in 5 subs of these categories.

And therefore, off I go!

May ye endeavors be blessed by the most holy gods of Lunism, for I, the prophet caesar193, have shown ye the truth, in order that ye may recant thou heretical ways and rejoice in the holy light of the moon.

I have submitted the submission describing the religion Lunism. Hopefully it is worthy of high voting, etc., and etc.

The Prophet John has been out, to sermonize you and convert you to Lunism. That is, if he go read the sub, if you're curious enough to read a spoiler!. Hopefully, his awesomness his rewarded, and he breezed above the 3.25 line.

On that note, my previous sub, Lunism, has been doing well. Better than I thought, in all honesty. Its at currently 4.75. So I think it just barely got over the ol' 3.25 average rating requirement, eh? Let's hope that the Prophet John is that good.

Go defend yourself with The Shield of St. John. My last required sub for the Divine Synod, and now I must vote and upvote.

And on a side note, my previous sub, The Prophet of St. John, is currently at a rating of three. If my Shield does well enough, then this will not be a problem, as the average rating will be higher than 3.25. Though I am using other methods besides loopholes in the rules to succeed in this pledge without writing up a new NPC (which, if I had to, would probably be the disciple Alexander. I think he'll be a cool guy to explore), such as putting out a trade on the RVE (go check it out, its and awesome deal- find it under Sagely Advice in the Forum, just before the Random Idea Dump- you can't miss it). As well as the typical stuff. You know, manipulations, bribery, fraud, trickery, deceit, robbery, theft, counterfeiting, larceny, assassinations, etc. :D

I have voted on the following subs for guild membership:

Slys, Die of the d**ned
The Canticles of the d**ned
The God of the Small Things

As I have done before, I will now comment on my previous progress. No one has yet voted on The Shield of St. John. No further progress deemed necessary for report.


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