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"So, ya won't tell me where you got em?", whined Kwell. "s**t, you can't even spare one?"

Leeroy grinned back the the scrawny Kwell, "No. I'm not gonna, and the last thing I'm gonna do is give you a taste for em.
If you want some, you're just going to go out and find some yerself. Now, keep your eyes out there where they belong, unless
ya want a Raider having his way with your momma."

Kwell looked back out over the wall, nervously gripping his rifle. "Well, I've caps, wonder if Sanjas' got any.."

"Her?" laughed Leeroy, "She calls 'em Devil Sticks. She burns any she gets, and not in a useful way. Tebac or MJ, she hates em both."

"Hey, there's someone comin', looks like a girl..."


Only an hour earlier Carnagie had taken an unwelcome bath in ditch, compliments of the loud engines of a group of wheeled raiders running the long road.
While it offered the best walking, and the clearest sight lines, it still was relatively well travelled, and more than occasionally by a group of
raiders that liked hitting Stonehammer.

The ditch had been the closet cover, and served its purpose, for the raiders had not even slowed down.  They were returning back to thier camp, and one of the ATVs was billowing smoke as it passed. There were half a dozen ATVs, and at least two raiders on each, so there was no thought of fighting them.

She had almost dried out when she got to the gate of Red-tower, passing by an ancient white sided gas station that had been stripped to the concrete.

The wall sentries had just noticed her, but not as soon as she had expected....

"Hey Luc! Someones coming up to the gate! "


Luc had just left what passed for a bar drinking what passed for a beer.  Marcus was there too - the two had patrolled the past day, uneventful apart from finding a lot of fresh Coyote spoor.  That would need checked out again. Those were bad news, nearly as bad as the d**n raiders...


Anya was outside of the Mayors office, she had been asked to see him.  She was only there a minute or so when the Mayor - more like a major in bearing, came to her.

"Going to need you to use yer rifle, Anya. Coyotes traces been seen, and we need them taken out, and soon.  No idea how many there are yet - you can get that figured out
and then collect what help you can when you're ready.  I've a short list of names.  I've got some extra ammo for you before you go. Some .50's for your cannon there."

Carnegie kicked a rock and squinted towards the wall, she shaded her eyes with her left hand and waved with the right, knowing that rifles were probably trained on her always made her nervous. Not as much game this time as she'd hoped for. Hopefully "Auntie" Tilly would have a stew on, she thought as she meandered her way towards what served as the gates.

Elvis dogged her all the way with a wagging tail and tongue, happily oblivious to any rifles trained his way.

"So there was the two raiders - so @!#$ing pissed because i'd just knocked over the stewpot - The Psychomoose was gone but we could still hear the bloody thing bleating in the woods and all I could think about was how fast I could pull my d**n pants off because the stew was fast burning me jewels!"

Luc had found Marcus two hours ago and they had naturally decided to take five minutes for a drink. Now they were sauntering out of the 'pub', and Luc was retelling the story of how he was harassed by a mutant moose in the forests outside of Kenebec one winter.

"So the marauders were standing there - The only thing stopping them from killing me on the spot was the fact I had just run into their camp screaming like a madman and started revealing myself! So I -"

"Hey Luc! Someone's coming up to the gate!"

The voice of Kwell hollered over to the man. For a second, Luc's eyes narrowed, but then he relaxed - the tone of Kwells words didn't suggest raiders; perhaps just a vagrant.

"C'mon Mark, let's check it out!" Luc ran to the wall and swiftly climbed the ladder up to the top where Kwell and Leeroy stood - Leeroy had a rifle aimed down at the traveler. He peered down to the exterior just in time to see Carnegie emerge from the side of the old gas station. " Luc Alexzandr smiled and yelled down, "Well look at the little bee that's buzzing up to the gate; Hello there, Carnegie!"

"You're looking a wee bit soggy there, little bee! Why don't you buzz off and dry up before you come on in?" Luc's tone was light-hearted, of course, and as he jeered down to Carnegie he placed a hand on the barrel of Leeroy's rifle and gently pushed it down away from Carnegie's direction.

Carnegie looked up in time to see Luc. She pulled down her left eyelid and stuck her tongue out at him. "Nyeh! Raiders sent me swimming s'all. Open up!" She said and smiled at her friend, least there was a friendly face there to greet her. She didn't much care for the company Luc kept though.

Elvis barked a greeting as well.

When Marcus followed Luc up the ladder and gazed down at the arrival, he sighed. Casually plucking the "devilstick" from between Leroy's lips, he headed off to open the gate. Though Carnegie and he had a mutual distrust, there was no practical reason to keep someone capable of shooting an enemy outside their walls.

Marcus opened the gate just enough for Carnegie to enter, and said "Get anythin' good while you were out takin' a dip?"


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