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Zones of Hellgate Prison
« on: August 03, 2013, 02:03:04 AM »
This is a placeholder and any names or description of any of the following zones are subject to change or be altered. The zones are numbers 1 through 6 but by no means are they connected as such. On a hand drawn map I tossed out, 1,2,4,and 5 share borders where 3 shares a border only with 2 and 6 and 5 shares a border with all but 3. This is to add to the confusion some if they find their hands on a map of the old ancient city or a new hand drawn map form one of the factions making it near useless to someone not used to the unnatural way the city fell and rested.

  • Library - Area has multiple buildings of learning to include possible schools of some manner or trade, this was a city of learning and knowledge. Everything here was put forth for further learning. Multiple libraries dot the landscape in differing forms of destruction. A major library is a central point of the zone resting from floor to ceiling, seeming to be holding up this caverns roof from falling and destroying the rest of the buildings. A small crack like river ends mid zone occasionally bearing a white/blind fish that can be eaten.
  • Magic/Temple - Various temples to the known and even unknown gods dot the zone. Seemingly the unknown or lost gods temples are the worst in ways of repair. Possible college or magic or religious studies can be found here. More info as I think of it. A small river cuts through the zone heading toward the libraries where it ends among the debris.
  • Greenfields - A phosphorescent forest of plants and trees has grown amid the humid air of an underground venting system. A decent sizes river cuts through the zone from under the bedrock and scatters throughout the underground ruins. Small sheep like animals have flourished to a minor degree and reside and hide here among the foliage.
  • Living Quarters/ Lake - Desiccated buildings are in various sates of destruction and decay. Some are still intact almost as if new or kept up in repair. Some are attached to the ceiling upside down where some stretch form the ceiling to rest on others still on the ground floor. Houses closest to the narrows are worse for structure and integrity while house further out toward the outer walls of the large cavern the homes rested in are in far better shape some looking in perfect shape. Possible those further out were home to rich merchants, powerful wizards, or nobility as some are near palace sized. A large lake occupies the south western section of the zone, with some houses being submerged within the lake.
  • Merchant - Scattered among the debris are buildings, shops, smiths, inn, and taverns all destroyed in rows and fields of destruction where multiple rows and alleys are still upright and functional. A large opening in the center of the zone looks t have been a marketplace at one point in time. Possibly still being used as such today.
  • The Narrows/ Demon Gate - Buildings lean at odd angles, crowd, crumble and outright push into each other causing a maze of tunnels and alleyways with some so narrow only children or small animals could navigate them with any hope of not getting stuck. Somewhere among the narrows tunnels open up from a ruined temple that was under the city when it was destroyed that leads to the still active Demon Gate. The exit from Hellgate is located here in the form of a venting hole that leads to a portion of the underground lake. The current is swift enough where if one could hold their breath long enough they could possibly survive and exit somewhere in the wilderness a good distance from Hellgate but above ground.

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