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Expansion of Hellgate
« on: August 03, 2013, 12:52:36 AM »
As the title implies I am expanding Hellgate Prison for future use in my current game. After reading, and rereading the comments about Hellgate and wondering what it would be like to send players down into a setting so unreal and foreign I have decided to bring it to life. having said that I need to brainstorm and would like a little help/ aid if possible.

  • I am breaking Hellgate down into six different zones, more if needed but was thinking six would be a decent number.
  • The zones will overlap in some areas as a normal city would, but this is a city that was destroyed, pushed underground and in some areas turned upside down.
  • I had planned on making each zone house different factions that oppose each other openly, while other factions can and will be in the area they are not prominent except near their zone where they overlap. This I did to allow the group to befriend either faction at the cost of angering the other. Making it their choice of who to help and who to anger.
  • Each zone will be a stepping stone to the next, so to speak. As in a video game of sorts they must, if they want to have the right tools, complete or succeed in each zone before moving on to the next one or they may have missed vital information or a tool needed in the next area. For instance in one zone they may need the help of one of the factions to form an assault group to push through a fortification to the next "zone" but to do that they must befriend one of factions. One faction may do it stealthy while the other faction may want to kill everyone and everything including women and children. So their choice is important to their morals.
  • Each zone is specific to what it was in the cities days of living. Merchant section, Library/ Learning section, Temple/ Magic district, Living Quarters/ Lake, Greenfields (where a seemingly underground forest has grown due to the magic that was released in the cities death, and what I have dubbed the Narrows. A large section of tunnels of broken alleys and fallen buildings that have tunneled and lead to a Demon Gate that was under the city in a ruined temple.

This is just a list of thoughts so far. What I need help with is brain storming how to fill these areas with enough descriptive ideas or a simple idea I can flesh out and fill in with enough detail to literally assault their minds so they are boggled. With all of the different factions I have created I am trying to think which ones would work best pairing them together. I realize some will have to be in a certain zone. The Mud Eaters for instance are predominately found in the Narrows and being as the Demon Gate is located within the Narrows then the Gate Watchers would also be found there in force with a smattering of Pariah's and Soul Sworn are found in small packs wandering around but do not physically reside there in force. So trying to think of two factions to hold and control each zone in force, with possibly a third faction that bleeds over from connecting zones.

I will add this to the Hewdamia forum for ease of formatting and control for me but will also keep it here in the advice section for anyone willing to add their two cents worth. If not, then just sit back and watch my meandering of thoughts and point and laugh and the weirdo with the long sideburns.
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