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Luc Alekzandr



Name: Luc Alekzandr
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Height: 183cm
Weight: 72kg

HP: 7 (8 -1)
BAB: 0
Init: +2

Sap: -1 (1d6 nonlethal. 2x crit)
Wrench: -1 (1d6. 2x crit)
Light crossbow: +2 (1d8. 19-20/2x crit)

Saving Throws
Fort: -1 (0 -1)
Ref: 3 (2 +2)
Will: -1 (0 -1)

AC: 15 (10 +2 dex +3 Armour)


STR 10 (0)
DEX 14 (+2) (12+2 Background pick)
CON 8 (-1)
INT 18 (+4) (16+2 human bonus)
WIS 8 (-1)
CHA 20 (+5)(18+2 (13:18:44) Minion: Shadoweagle rolls 1d6 and gets 2.)

Skill ranks: 13 {8+4(int mod) +1(Human bonus)}

C Disable Device    6 (1+3+2 +3)
C Acrobatics        6 (1+3+2)
C Diplomacy         10 (1+3+5 +1)
C Bluff             10 (1+3+5 +1)
C Intimidate        10 (1+3+5 +1)
C Disguise          9 (1+3+5)
N Knowledge         5 (History) (1+4)
N Knowledge         5 (Tribal Culture) (1+4)
C Knowledge         8 (Local) (1+3+4)
C Perform (Oratory) 9 (1+3+5)
C Linguistics       8 (1+3+4)
C Climb             4 (1+3)
C Stealth           7 (1+3+2 +1(+2 in rocky/hilly areas))

Personal Firearm Proficiency (Free feat)

Scoundrel: +1 to social skills (+1 Diplomacy, Bluff and Intimidate.)

Sneaky Vagabond: +2 bonus on Stealth checks when others are actively trying to find you. +4 in crowds. Additionally, +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (Local) checks when trying to find a place to hide.

Noble Savage    You gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy and Perform checks when dealing with people of high social standing.
Highlander    You gain a +1 trait bonus on Stealth checks, and Stealth is always a class skill for you. This trait bonus increases to +2 in hilly or rocky areas.

Background Picks
Stat Boost: +2 Dexterity
Skill Boost:  +3 Disable Device

Equipment: $21
Wrench 1d6 x2crit (Mace, Light. $5)
Sap 1d6 x2crit Nonlethal ($1)
Crossbow, light 1d8 19-20x2crit ($35)
Bolts, Crossbow (30) ($3)
Hide shirt +3AC ($25)

Rogues Kit ($50)
This kit includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, caltrops, chalk (10), a flint and steel, a grappling hook, an iron pot, a mess kit, a mirror, pitons (10), rope, soap, thieves' tools, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.

Luc Alekzandr stands 6 foot tall but without much meat to bolster the frame. The man's eyes reflex a weariness mixed with a mischievous tinge. A light vest of animal hide sits behind dusty cotton clothing, and a well-worn hat hangs limply on his head. The man is black-bearded and appears about mid-thirties in age.

Who Marcus's parents are, nobody in Kenebec knows. Thirty four years ago a man - presumably his father - stumbled into the village with babe in hands, swaddled in bloodstained cloth. Marred with numerous wounds, the man collapsed in the street - he was dead before anyone even reached him. Who his attackers were, nobody could tell, but all he left the village was Lucas.
Often, a mewling babe would be regrettably left to die or slain - another mouth to feed and life to worry about was not an attractive option for the already stretched out families of Kenebec. But The Alekzandr couple took it upon themselves to adopt the baby - Arielle Alekzandr was barren, and the child would be raised as their own.

Luc's father, Jules, was something of an intellectual. He dabbled in History and linguistics, and always made sure that Luc had a broad spectrum of knowledge. While Luc took to his learning quite well, he found himself more interested in the happenings and tales of the people that frequented the ramshackle pub of Kenebec - The Milestone. The people and the stories they told were so full of flavour that he could not resist sneaking into the pub even at a young age, and listening in. The regulars of the Milestone took a shine to Luc, and he learned most of his more practical skills from there; how to walk without been seen. How to influence words to enrapture an audience and how to twist words to woo a lady to your bedroom. They even took him out on hunts occasionally; his favourite spot was in the hills to the North of Kenebec - though not so far as the Deathlands.

Head filled with stories from the Milestone Patrons, Luc found himself getting into all sorts of trouble; however a silver tongue or good hiding place got him out of the worst of it. Luc has an uncanny likeability about him, and tends to rub people the right way, rather than the wrong way.

In his mid twenties, the Alekzandr family was stricken with an unidentified illness. Regrettably, both Luc's parents died. Being younger and fitter, Luc survived.
The last several years have been a blur for Luc - his main source of direction (in his father) was gone, and he whiled his time away helping out the people of Kenebec with odd jobs. Now, he finds himself restless, and ready to do something drastic with his life - even if it means leaving Kenebec to see more of the world as it now is.


Luc's Standing Orders

General: Luc is an embellisher and storyteller. He always has an opinion to share and a tale to tell - some true stories, others completely made up. He's overconfident and somewhat brash, but knows when to reign himself in. Because of his cheeky nature, people sometimes forget that he is quite intelligent, and he will listen into conversation and store relevant information.
Out of Combat : Keep an ear open for relevant Knowledge checks (History, Tribal Culture, Local, Linguistics) to give his input. When in a situation where talking may give him an advantage, he'll use his Diplomacy or Bluff to sqeeze extra reward or gain extra information. When he has nothing else to do, he'll spin tall tales at the pub for donations (Perform, Oratory). Luc is slow to anger and behind his roguish mask is extremely calculating.

Combat: If the foe is intelligent and Luc believes it could be reasoned with, he'll probably try talking himself out of a pickle. Otherwise Luc will prefer either sneaking in and attacking from a flank, or staying back and letting crossbow bolts fly. He knows he isn't the hardiest of folk and will try to avoid a frontal attack - He'll let Marcus do that! He has no qualms with silencing beast, mutant or human, should the need arise.

Townsfolk: Luc will have a good rapport with most of the townsfolk; he's fairly well known and gets along with most. He'll often pause for small-talk with random people on the streets.

Marcus - Good friends. Luc calls him Mark and they're often seen together. Luc knows Marcus's faults - such as his anger - and will attempt to cool his jets if he sees his friend getting too out of control. Luc will often do the talking, but knows Marcus is strong and hardy, and when things get physical, Luc will take a step back and let Mark do what he does best.

Carnegie - Luc thinks of Carnegie as a little sister; he thinks she needs protection, and lots of frustration at the hands of Luc's antics! Of course, she's probably more combat capable than Luc, but that doesn't stop the man from trying to talk her out of dangerous situations where he can. 'course, she doesn't always listen.

Anya - Her serious nature and lack of humour puts Luc off a bit - he knows her off-handedly, but thinks that she has some internal issues that need dealing with, so doesn't try and piss her off too much.


Luc's Aspirations

Primary Aspiration: Legacies.
Luc's past has always been a mystery to him, and he never much cared to find out about it while his adopted parents were alive. Now, he is on his own and he is beginning to wonder. Why was he left here? Who were his parents?
Find clues about where Luc's lineage.
 - Where he came from.
 - Who his parents were.
 - Why his father made the ill-fated journey to Kenebec with Luc.
 - Who killed his father?
 - What happened to his Mother?

Major Aspiration: A Tale to Tell.
Luc has a plethora of stories learned from other people which he recites daily. He also has a few small tales from his own life; but he wishes to witness an epic tale first hand - even if he's only on the sidelines. Luc will tell his tale-so-far in each new town he finds (with plenty of embellishing, naturally), each recital serving as a milestone for this Aspiration.
Ongoing Milestone:
 - Upon reaching a new settlement or on finding friendly people, will retell the adventures the group has had thus far.

Minor Aspiration: Silver Tongue.
Luc always finds opportunities to hone his social skills.
 - Successfully use a social skill 5 times for bonus XP (Bluff, Intimidate, Diplomacy, Linguistics).

Minor Aspiration: History Buff.
Due to his adoptive father's training, Luc is quite knowledgeable, especially in the history and customs of the local area. He's always seeking to expand on his knowledge and use it in practical ways.
 - Successfully use a Knowledge skill 5 times for bonus XP (Knowledge: History, Local, Tribal Culture)

Minor Aspiration: Mischief-maker.
Luc finds that - though not morally acceptable - being in places you shouldn't, and being discreet and hidden can give you a wealth of information and caps that could mean your survival in this world. He always seeks to hone his subterfuge skills.
 - Successfully use Subterfuge skills 5 times for bonus XP(Stealth, Disable Device, Pick Pocket)

Should be good to go once you correct the effects of the scoundrel feat (see,6468.msg78017.html#msg78017

You also have 2 background picks as well. See,6468.msg78007.html#msg78007

Okey doke. Fixed skills re: converted Scoundrel feat.

Added Background Picks:
Stat boost: +2 to Dexterity
Skill boost: +3 to Disable Device

Modified Initiative, Ranged attack, Reflex save and skills to accommodate the boosted Dexterity.

Luc is ready to go and get the group into places they shouldnt be in, cause all sorts of mischief, and try to talk their way out of it! Just don't ask him to be too helpful in fights - that's Marcus or Carnegie's domain :p

Aspiration progress:

X - Where he came from.
X - Who his parents were.
X - Why his father made the ill-fated journey to Kenebec with Luc.
X - Who killed his father?
X - What happened to his Mother?

A Tale to Tell:
Tales retold: 0

Silver Tongue:
(Bluff, Intimidate, Diplomacy, Linguistics) 0/5

History Buff:
(Knowledge: History, Local, Tribal Culture) 0/5

Mischief Maker:
(Stealth, Disable Device, Pick Pocket) 1/5
 *Metal box in the basement


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